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September 2012 Weddings

DIY question: Does wood makes sense?

I am DIY'ing my centerpieces, and had in mind to do a glass Coca Cola bottle, with two Mason jars grouped with it. These would be glued to a 2in thick slice of a tree, 1 ft in diameter, and probably throw some sort of other stuff for color on there. But then I started to worry about the wood. Do you think that will be too messy, since the bark may begin to fall off? I think there is a certain way I am supposed to treat them to prevent bugs from infesting everything too. I'm starting to reconsider the log idea, but do not know what else I could put them on. I'm trying to go with a rustic, farm/country feel, but I am really not sure what else to do. Suggestions?

Re: DIY question: Does wood makes sense?

  • I'm doing mason jars on wood slices. The bark won't come off unless the tree is super dead and "seasoned." You could also strip it off if you don't want the bark. Just cut the wood a month or so before the wedding and you will be fine unless it's a sappy wood. Then I'd say seasoned is the best bet.

    I think your idea is going to be great. 
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  • I am using birch bark vases and there are other wood items-i got mine pretty cheap from saveoncrafts.com
  • What about putting your jars on pieces of burlap instead of wood??  It would be easier to transport and would look just as rustic. 
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  • People do the wood look all the time, and I've always thought it looked really sharp :)
  • We are doing white birch candles and bases for the flowers as well, we cut all our wood back in October/November and its been in one of his father's barns seasoning.  I kept a few peices and added it to my Christmas decor and it didn't flake but it did make a mess becuase it was still wet and gets an almost mold growing on it if it isn't layed where air can get to the cut surfaces to start to dry it out!  I'd cut as soon as you can to make sure you  don't have any wet spots left on your linens. We are shallacking the bottoms as well to make sure they are totally smooth and wont pull or snag the linens.  We are trading them for our flowers so the florist will be keeping most of it so we want it to last and be as user friendly as possible.
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  • I knew you all would have the answer! Alright, maybe I will give it another look. The other issue I was going to run into is that this would mean FI would have to go cut wood when asked to, which hasn't been going so well. I've been asking him for months to decide what he's wearing for the wedding and that till hasn't happened yet. So maybe I will just find another way and do it myself, just like everything else! Lol.
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