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Parekh Cards or Indianweddingcard.com?

I'm trying to decide which website to go with, both of these websites offer the invitation we like. Has anyone ever used these sites? Was wondering if anyone had any good or bad experiences with them. Indianweddingcard is a bit more expensive than Parekh. However, Parekh does not have self sealing envelopes and indianweddingcard does (for a small cost). Anyone know of a type of glue I could use to seal the envelopes?

Re: Parekh Cards or Indianweddingcard.com?

  • Priya310Priya310 member
    edited December 2011
    I used Indianweddingcard.com.  Just be warned that their shipping rates are very expensive.  Our invitations were gorgeous, but very, very expensive.  Also, the self sticking envelops were impossible to open without ripping the envelops.  I ended up using the little seals they provided. 
  • edited December 2011
    Yes, the shipping rates for both companies are soo expensive!!! Did you get your return address printed on the back of the envelopes? Parekh doesn't charge for this but indianweddingcards does.
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    I bought samples of wedding favors on indianweddingsite.com and whilst they looked great on the website, they were poor quality in person. They might be better with cards but I would definitely warn against getting favors from them.
  • Priya310Priya310 member
    edited December 2011

    we had the addresses printed on it. 

  • We bought from Parekh and they had really great service and really quick turn around time.  They also offer samples for free.  I was really happy with the invitations they provided, great quality. 
    We also bought our wedding programs from them like right before the wedding.  They arrived just in time just how we wanted them. 
    My sister had also purchased her wedding cards from them about 6 years ago so that's how I knew about them.  She had a good experience as well.
  • edited September 2012
    We bought from www.indianweddingcard.com and they had really great service and really quick turn around time, I am 100% satisfied. And there is no shipping charges as well, At first i didnt know what to expect as the price was cheap, but as soon as i ordered i recieved more than enough help from all departments.The company did an amaizing job to make the planning process of my wedding a bit easier. The communication with the company for proof reading was made very effortless via e-mail communication. The company was very cooperative and delivery was very timly.
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