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Hi everyone,

I am looking for musicians to play our ceremony and cocktail hour in Bloomington. I am going to reach out to the IU School of Music, but thought I would find out if you recommended anyone. Looking for a jazz combo for the cocktail hour, maybe violin or acoustic guitar for the ceremony. Not sure yet. Any suggestions are much appreicated!

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    I actually have known a lot of people from the music school.  Most of them are graduated and gone.  There are announcement areas all over the place.  You can go into the buildings and find them as well.  I know that there is a good deal of willing people and the can be fairly cheap too.
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    I am going with Jacobs ... they have an office (the Office of Musical Attractions) that handles the booking for their students ( I like it because they'll do contracts and everything and it's more official.

    Here's the pricing info they sent me:
    String Trio:  $230/hr
    String Quartet:  $300/hr
    Classical Guitar:  $115/hr
    Solo Violin:  $90/hr
    Violin/Cello Duo:       $180/hr
    *Bookings are 1 hour minimum.

    They have other combinations but this is the sort of group that I asked about.
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    Great, thanks! That is very helpful!
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