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Cake contract - advice needed!

My wedding is less than 10 weeks away.  I am getting my cake through someone my caterer works with all the time.  Everything seems fine, except that this cake person does not have a contract.  She just wants to give me an invoice with very little detail on it and the price of the cake and just trust that everything is going to turn out as discussed.  I even wrote up a quick contract (literally one page) for her to review and she won't give me an answer as to whether it is fine, needs to be changed, etc.  I feel like we are getting down to the wire here and I really want to get this nailed down - I have emailed and called her twice - she just says she's busy and will get to it.  I'm starting to get really frustrated, but don't want to get rude with her - she is, after all, baking the cake!  Should I slam the hammer down, look for anothe baker (is there time??) or just forgo the contract?  Any other advice?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Cake contract - advice needed!

  • vsgalvsgal member
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    No contract, no business.  Find someone new, but explain to the current baker and the caterer why you are moving on. You can still order a cake from another baker.  We ordered ours about 6 weeks out.
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    I would definitely look for another baker.  As PP mentioned, let your current caterer and baker know why you made that decision first. 

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  • FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I'd book a different baker, for sure.

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  • lynxbbgirllynxbbgirl member
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    Time to move on to someone that is clear it was is going to occur. I know how stressful this is, I just went through the same thing and I'm still 3.5 months out. Take a deep breath and research other bakers in the area. Go to at least 3 different places, and get the details (after making sure the date is open) and figure it out from there.

    Ten weeks is more than enough time. I hope it all works out for you! Smile
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    I'm all for changing suppliers if they are uncooperative and this would be a prime example of a reason to move on very quickly. 

    however if you really want to use this particular baker, tell them that if she is unwilling to sign a contract you will be using someone else. That might light the fire under her to get her act together - you'd be surprised what a motivation losing business can be! 
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    [QUOTE]No contract, no business.  Find someone new, but explain to the current baker and the caterer why you are moving on. You can still order a cake from another baker.  We ordered ours about 6 weeks out.
    Posted by vsgal[/QUOTE]

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  • sleepy20520sleepy20520 member
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    I agree with everyone else... if it were me, id find a different baker.  Better safe than sorry! I just wrote a review on our baker.  We got married back in May and had to find a new baker with only 2 weeks till our wedding because ours (who never gave us a contract) just up and cancelled with no reason!  Lukily a friend of a friend of ours recommended the baker we ended up using and long story short, they were more than helpful and always responded to our emails/calls right away.  Not to mention, their cake was fantastic! hope this helps....
    oh and btw, we ended up using BellaRoca cakes .. www.bellarocacakes.com Cool

  • PastryChef10PastryChef10 member
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    I wouldn't wait..

    Go to someone else who is wanting your business!
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