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Rehearsal Dinner, hotels, tactical help needed!

Hello everyone,

Is it best to keep hotels near the recption venue? PLease advice. Thanks!


Re: Rehearsal Dinner, hotels, tactical help needed!

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    We did that for my sisters wedding and will be doing that for mine! We are not expecting the BM to pay for the room especially since everyone lives close. We will stay together, they don't have to come but if they do we will all spend the night, and start getting ready in the morning! Our wedding is at the hotel that we will be staying at!
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    I love the idea of a night before stay together! I'll be joining my bride and the rest of her maids (those who choose to come) next month... The groom is paying for our suite. I've done this once before and the bride (or groom-don't remember) paid for our stay, too. This is the night before-not night of... the latter I'm paying for.

    I think, at this point, a lot of money (and time, for that matter) has been spent by the bridal party and to ask them to chip in seems a bit cheap and almost unappreciative. I've been in a fair share of weddings and to feel unappreciated for ALL the work we put in to every little thing... sucks! Give a good gift and offer to pay for the night before. Happy maids=happy day!

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