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Honeymoon Reading?

I know I probably won't be reading a ton ON the honeymoon, but I still feel like I should bring some books.  I know I'll definitely read on the plane and if we have a lazy beach day.  Anyone have any good recommendations?  I'm looking for something not too serious but still interesting.

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Re: Honeymoon Reading?

  • I'm bringing The Three Musketeers, but that's been a project that's been interrupted several times haha. Not sure what kinds of books you like, but The Art of Racing in the Rain is a good one. It's sad, but it's a light read. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe is good, too, if you haven't read it. If you're more into romance novels there's Nora Roberts books, and she has books under the name JD Robb that are about a cop and her handsome Irish husband haha. If you like murder mystery type books, Patricia Cornwell has some good ones. Hope this helps!
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  • I took "50 shades of Grey"
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    [QUOTE]I took "50 shades of Grey"
    Posted by Ash61612[/QUOTE]

    That will get you going on your HM for sure!

    But I actually took this book with me:

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    I kept H up some nights because I was laughing.
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