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Anybody planning a destination wedding in Italy. I need advice.

Hi Everyone,

I'm just starting the process of looking into a wedding in Tuscany.   Is anyone farther along in the process that could give me some pointers?  Or, if you've already done it, please let me know what you loved, what you could have lived with out, tips for making planning easy etc...


Re: Anybody planning a destination wedding in Italy. I need advice.

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    Hey Amber...did you also post on the Destination wedding page? I commented there....if not, there's a girl with the same question. Maybe you two could help eachother. 

    I had a friend get married thing she told me: Take your photographer with you! She didn't (even though her cousin told her to) and had the WORST time with her photos (still doesn't have them all). 

    Keep us posted. I'd love to hear how it goes! :)
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    That's great advice from the KylieBride.  One of our favorite pictures from our photographers, which we fell in love with at the consultation, is from a destination wedding they did in Rome.  You can see it on their facebook page (scroll down, it's toward the bottom of the page.)  I highly recommend contacting them for your wedding!  GL!
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    Thank you both for your responses.  I looked at the wedding in Rome photo...VERY cool.

    Thanks again for the advice!  So much to think about!
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