February 2013 Weddings

My MOH is getting married today!

I'm so excited for her!! I'll shed a tear for sure, as I'm sooo emotional during weddings, and it's even worse since I got engaged!

Anybody else went to a wedding recently or is going to a wedding soon and is so thrill about it?? :)

Re: My MOH is getting married today!

  • My cousin got married back in June!!! I was so happy for her because this was a side that I rarely see in any family member! She was glowing and you could tell that this man loves her with his being!! I cried and tried so hard to keep my composure... It was really hard to see another family start their own and I had to go without my FI because he's military!! But the wedding was good I cried too much but hey I've become a cry baby since I got engaged too!!

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  • Congratulations to your MOH!!!  I am actually going to a wedding in November!  I was a little bit jealous because she just got engaged and she will be getting married before I am!  I've been engaged over a year, but I wouldn't change our plans for anything and I am thrilled for her!  I don't think I will cry, but then again, I'm not much of a cryer lol!
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