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All Right Ladies...

Let's get something going here. My wedding is going crazy and I want to hear that some others in the area are too. Start listing right here, right now what's going on. Even if it's good, you can post that too. Let's here something from someone out there! Already married? Post about something that did happen. You know what, post about your day.

I have to take a nap for work, but I will be back at 11 tonight and I want something to read to get me through my night! Come on ladies!

Re: All Right Ladies...

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    I want to get my save the dates out, but I can't even ordered them because no one will help me finalize the guest list.  Why can't my family and FI get their act togethor!  I'm also trying to play around with invitation designs and getting pretty frustrated with that too, I've found nothing I love.  I'm stressing about flowers.  I know NOTHING about flowers - what I need or want.  And finally, I'm really stressing out about doing the running of the brides next week - I'm taking two of my BM's that are the most outspoken and want it THEIR way.  They were the only ones that could go....I hope the day is fun and not more stressful.

    That was more of a vent, but it felt good.

    OH and I'm really hoping and praying I win the bridal contest I entered!!  I've never won anything in my life, this would be awesome!
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    Things were going so well with FMIL....

    We had all kinds of issues when making the guest list.  FI's great-aunt had 14 kids and FMIL insisted we invite all of them and their SO.  That is a huge chunk when our reception site only holds 150!!!  Our ceremony site only holds 90 (and you can tell me I am a horrible person for not inviting everyone to the ceremony....I'm over it) and just this week FMIL wanted me to add 4 people to the ceremony invite list.  We just don't have the space.  I am also trying to find a NWR BM gift for each girl.  I found something for everyone on a website that specializes in really unique gifts, except FI's sister who lives far away.  I've interacted with her for less than an hour total in the time I have known FI.  I asked FMIL for help and she sent me to a website with all kinds of typical BM gifts or WR gifts.  No thanks!

    AND....after checking the OSU football schedule, there is a game at 8 pm on our wedding day.  There is a separate bar at the CC where we are having wedding with a TV.  I have seen FSILs leave weddings in the past to find a tv to watch game, so it is not me overreacting to worry about it.  FMIL told FI that they would never do such a thing.  All I know is that FI and I will both be really hurt if they leave the reception to watch football.   When they all insisted that they HAD to be in wedding (3 of them) even though I already had 5 attendants, they told him he was their only brother and this was the only time he would get married.  He cannot wait to throw that in their face if they even mention the game (FI is a huge football fan too, but would not even think of leaving a reception, his or someone elses to check on a game).

    Ugh.....that is my vent!!!  Lots of good wedding stuff this week:
    -Picked up dress alterations complete!
    -Printed programs today, will probably assemble tonight while FI is at work
    -Made all beauty appointments for wedding
    -My shower hostesses are sending out invites this week or next!
    -I decided on my dinnerware finally (this was way harder than it should have been for me)
    -David's Bridal (which I am not really a fan of) won back some of my respect by finding my niece's FG dress at another store (now we have to hope it fits right!)

    I am itching to send out my invites, but I am waiting until Sept. 1st.

    Did I give you enough reading material??

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    My fiance's cousin is going to be our wedding officiant.  He has done a few weddings for friends, and I am excited he will be doing ours.  
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    No that was not enough reading material! My goodness where is everyone?

    Kelly: Look for pictures you like and take them to the appointment with you. A good florist will know what you're looking for. When I went to see Keith Brooks I told him I loved lilies, but they were going to be expensive, he found me some really pretty alternatives that were cheaping. He was still too expensive though.

    Christieep: your FMIL sounds like mine "OMG we HAVE to invite everyone." And so we found a place big enough, trying to make it work...and they're not rsvping! It's just frustrating because we have a 200 minimum at the hall and we haven't reached that yet. I've now started encouraging people to bring someone (as long as they tell me) so we can get the 200.
    I kept telling my sister I would have the wedding the day of the OSU/MI game and she was not happy! FMIL was talking about doing a day after brunch and I told her if there's a football game, my family will not be there.

    Rak: That is cool! I wish someone we knew was doing ours, but I do love the Pastor doing ours.
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    Now my rant...

    My mom bought ALL the girls dresses, but one. Two were having problems fitting in them, so we went to Atlas. I told them to order 1 dress, I would call about the other. They didn't order ANY! Didn't find this out till last week, have now had to scramble to get a replacement which is under control now, but it was NOT fun.

    The other BM I made arrangements to have my seamstress work on her dress (it was too small in the chest, the seamstress said she could try expanding it with some extra material we had). I made an appointment for us to go in June and she said her kid was sick, so I cancel...then she called crying to me that since I canceled, she moved her son's appointment up, took him to her parents, and was going to spend time with the boyfriend, and he ditched her. I was not happy. I gave her the stuff and my seamstress card and told her to take care of it.

    I text her about a week before the dress drama asking if she had her dress taken care of. She said she hadn't, so I told her just to give the seamstress a call. After the dress drama, I asked again and she said she still hadn't. I told her I didn't want to be a pain, please give her a call so I know I've only got one more dress to cover. Yesterday MOH called and asked her about it (I did NOT tell her to) and she went off on her and that she doesn't need MOH riding her because I already am, she'll find someone else to take care of it and she doesn't care. I know she's stressed about money, but some of it is her own fault for running around after boys and not paying attention to her bills...plus I am covering all cost. After finding that out, she text that the dress magically fits so whatever. I just can't look at her the same anymore knowing she yelled about me like I've been calling/texting constantly.

    One of the GM hasn't put anything towards his tux and back in March was shocked to find out he has to pay for his own. I think he'll pay in the end, he just wants to be a pain and has never had to be responsible for anything.

    Thankfully nothing else is going on other than some late rsvps that need to get here! But I just want this to be over with already, I'm excited to marry FI and have everyone that loves me there on my special day...but some of those people are making me want to pull my hair out.
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    So the FI have to sit down sometime soonish (by October) and really settle into a guest list (with perhaps a little wiggle room) so that we can start planning the food and how much we'll need to buy. We're essentially doing self catering and want to buy as much ahead of time when it's on sale instead of waiting until the last minute. I'm having difficulty choosing who to invite and who to not invite. I think we're going to end up writing down people in circles: immediate family, aunts/uncles and friends we MUST invite, cousins/friends we would like to invite, everyone else we'd invite if we have room, etc. and start cutting in circles. FI is 1 of 9 kids, his mom is also 1 of 9ish and my dad is 1 of 9...That makes for HUGE families on both sides, some of whom I haven't talked to in YEARS. I feel guilty for inviting family I haven't talked to in years when I would rather invite a friend I talk to at least a few times a year, but at the same time, they're family so yeah. I think this is my single biggest concern for the whole wedding.

    But some good things going on lately:
    *Talked to a florist who gave me some great price quotes off the top of her head and said to call in October to book an appt to go in and get everything in writing - this gives me time to come up with exactly what I want, etc.

    *BM dresses are getting started in the next few weeks - one of my BMs mom's is making them :-)

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    Chic: You aren't obligated to have 9 kids are you?
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_ohio-toldeo_right-ladies?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:237Discussion:d1e7bb0d-ef46-40af-a791-5906c2392df7Post:46be49e2-02aa-4eca-8d56-ad2702000b63">Re: All Right Ladies...</a>:
    [QUOTE]Now my rant... My mom bought ALL the girls dresses, but one. Two were having problems fitting in them, so we went to Atlas. I told them to order 1 dress, I would call about the other. They didn't order ANY! Didn't find this out till last week, have now had to scramble to get a replacement which is under control now, but it was NOT fun. Posted by nightmare_of_beauty[/QUOTE]

    I think bridal shops know sometimes that they have brides "over a barrel" (that's the saying right?)  They are not always very nice or accomodating.  And they can be pushy:  If I don't want to wear a veil bridal salesperson, I won't wear a veil!!!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_ohio-toldeo_right-ladies?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:237Discussion:d1e7bb0d-ef46-40af-a791-5906c2392df7Post:4d0e4395-b3fa-499c-94b0-c55b05ad03c3">Re: All Right Ladies...</a>:
    [QUOTE]Chic: You aren't obligated to have 9 kids are you?
    Posted by nightmare_of_beauty[/QUOTE]

    Good Lord I hope not. While I've been successful in getting pregnant, I haven't been very successful in actually having them so I'm not sure what the future holds. I'd really only want 1 or 2, but 9 is entirely too many for sure.
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    The Thank You Cards are getting to be a little much!!! Well, not the Thank you cards but the lack of help I'm getting from my FI... We are very grateful for everyone's kindness and gifts but dangit... I addressed all of the invitations, just finished the bridal shower thank you cards, and I'm thinking that I'm going to INSIST that FI help with Wedding gift thank you cards!!!!

    christieep :  Totally understand the OSU games... FI picked a Saturday with a game that wasn't "as important" as the rest... I had the choice of 3 dates!!! Uggghh!!!

    Happy planning everyone!!!
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    Ohhh and one more vent... I ordered our favors from a company online on August 4th.. We ordered Buckeyes that were individually wrapped... Still haven't gotten them even after many phone calls and emails...

    Word of advice... Don't use GiftsWish.com

    I'm so frustrated that we haven't gotten the buckeyes yet!!!
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    Well, i didnt get a single RSVP for my upcoming bridal shower this weekend (sunday 8/29) and so i did not sleep last night bc i was scared that noone is coming. So today, i sent out a mass message via fb and got some responses already. (sure wonder why i wasted 40$ in stamps......)

    I cant get my programs printed (per the pastor) untill we have finished our counseling... UGH.... i understand why, but, i HATE waiting till the last minute for anything and anything with 2.5 months to go is to me, last minute...

    My sister and my mom cant make it to my shower bc they live 13hrs away... So im worried that my moms family wont come to the shower bc she isnt there... (yet another effing waste of stamps). I guess i just really miss my family right now and the lack of help im getting from a couple nameless bridesmaids...

    I hate to say it --- i told myself i wouldnt say it... BUT -- im about ready to get this all overwith... (tragically, i went there...) :(

    We start our counseling this week, i have my second dress fitting with Pam Thomas on thurs, Bridal Shower on Sunday and BACH PARTY on Sept 11th!!!! Let the countdown begin!!!!! <3

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! Phewww i feel alot better!

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    My FMIL is one of those that thinks we have to invite EVERYONE to our wedding.  After much fighting with her and my future husband, I gave up.   I called my wedding planner and told her my story.  She then arranged a meeting with me & my FMIL.  After one hour of debating about the guest list, my wedding planner finally got my FMIL to understand and she agreed to cut down her invite list.  What a HUGE relief!  If you don't have a wedding planner or coordinator, I HIGHLY recommend one.   They are always there to help you with any issues you have or are just a great person to speak with that will give you her honest opinion!
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