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Hey ho!

HI ladies!  I just wanted to apologize for not being very present lately.  School has been kicking my butt, but I think things are finally settling down and I'll be able to participate more again.

So, with that, let's make this an update thread...

HOUSE:  Our house is a disaster and I'm still struggling after losing my sweet pup in July.  Our remaining dog is great, but he's not my Jacko.  I think that's contributing to my lack of caring about household chores.  I need to get off my duff and clean but I have no motivation.  Seriously, it's so so gross and yet for whatever reason I just don't care.

HUSBAND:  He's great.  He still really hates his job but has committed to looking for something new when he returns.  Right now he and my dad are on a 10 day bow hunting trip in the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  They packed 8 miles in on horses and are living off of MREs and such.  No hot water, no shower, no toilet for all that time and they were thrilled to be going.  I won't hear from him until they return to civilization, which will be the 23rd at the latest.  They'll pack out that day, stay in town and then make the long drive home on the 24th.  If they fill their tags before then, they'll come home early - which is what I'm hoping for.

WORK:  Awesome, but so incredibly busy.  We have auditions for Sleeping Beaty on Tues and Wed, which will be wonderful and terrible.  Wonderful because it's fun to have a cast list and get started on rehearsals, terrible because there are bound to be upset kids.  We have a new principal this year and so far things are going very well with him.  He's actually a former vice principal at our school who was moved to another school to get them turned around.  He didn't want to leave and I don't htink he really cared for his year there.  Then at the end of last year our principal was promoted to assistant superintendent so we got our former VP back as our principal.  It's nice to have someone that knows us, our students and our school at the helm instead of someone brand new.

So, what's going on with you?

Re: Hey ho!

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