1 more day…and you will not believe my day

Wow sorry if this is long, but worth it!

Tomorrow is our last day before we leave. My parents are coming to our house and we fly out at 6am Wed. Last night my parents call that my dad is being taken to the hospital. (too long for all the details but if you ever need a good laugh PM me. totally will make you cry from laughter) He may need surgery.

Cut to today. Still waiting on our rings to get here. And oh yeah I was just laid off.

10am this morning. Dad was discharged and home all is fine.
10:15am our rings arrived and will be ready for pickup tomorrow
10:20am I got a job offer. 

ummmm time to buy a lotto ticket!! It has been a good day.

Re: 1 more day…and you will not believe my day

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