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I am looking for a place that will allow us to bring our own food.  We are on a tight budget and have a friend to do the food, another friend to do the cake/cupcakes, a friend to do the photography.  We only need a place, a minister, someone to serve food and drinks (we are not sure if we will bring alcohol or not, depends on pricing).  We are just finding a hard time finding a place that will allow us to bring own stuff.  What would be awesome, is if we had someone who had a pretty yard that we could for the ceremony and then a barn or something that we could use for the reception.  Does anyone have any ideas?  We are at the very early stage of our planning.  Thanks so much for any ideas and/or suggestions.

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    I am getting married at Avon Gardens. You can bring all of your own stuff in and they are wonderful to work with. However, they do cost a bit more but it pays for all of the decorating. Maybe look into a park pavilion or one of the shelters at one of the local state parks (like McCormik's Creek.)
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    I'm getting married at Avon Gardens, too! They have been wonderful to work with so far....
    For someone on a tighter budget, try Hendricks County Fairgrounds. They have a large room they rent for parties and receptions. I went to a wedding reception there and they brought everything.
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    An aquaintance just told me she is getting married at a hall in Noblesville (if I am remembering correctly) off of 37 for $400!  They can bring in whoever they want for catering and bring in all their own alcohol.  If Noblesville works let me know.  I will find out the name of the place.
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    Shannon, Nobelsville definitely works.  Can you get me the information?
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    Shannon or Brooke,Did either of you find the place where you can bring in your own caterer and alcohol?

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    Try the Delaware Township Community Center in Fishers.  It is $650 to rent and I think you can bring in your own food.  The number is 317-842-8595.

    You could also try the Cummunity Life Center.  I know they let you bring in your own food, but their rental rate is more expensive.  Their number is 317-752-4396.
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    The Forest Park Inn has some really pretty rooms--they aren't crazy big though.  And, they're fairly inexpensive.  Forest Park is right off of highway 19 in Noblesville.
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