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What to engrave on mens wedding band?

I'm getting married in march, and I want to engrave my soon-to-be husbands wedding band. I think its definitely adds a unique touch and makes it more special. I'm deciding between a few diff. things to engrave.

Please take my poll :D

Re: What to engrave on mens wedding band?

  • I love them all. I'm actually getting my great grandmothers wedding band and that's what we are using for mine. The inside of the band says W.A.B. to E.B.M (my great grandpa to my great grandma) 11-29-23 I thought that was cute too.
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    DH and I had "Put Me Back On" and our wedding date engraved on the inside of our rings.  Understand though, that we tease eachother a few times every day.  If you aren't a joking type of couple, I'd go with something more sentimental.
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  • Is there room for all of that?  I was thinking of just doing the date....
  • courteney Cox and David Arquette had theirs engraved with "A deal's a deal', which I've always thought was kinda sweet. Though, they're separated, so who knows.

    I think From this day forward is cute. 
  • FI and I have a poem we made up for each other.  His was a submariner, so his ring says "to the depths of the sea."

    From the top of a tree (because I love to fly)
    To the depths of the sea (because he's a submariner)
    I shall always love you
    And you shall always love me. (last two lines said by both of us simoltaneously)

  • Go with a saying that measns something to you both. i engraved- yesterday, today, tomorrow. because we fell out of contact after college and then started dating again like no time had passed so we always so i loved u yesterday, i love you today, and I will love you tomorrow to encompass time passing. I didnt put the date- he needs to remember lol find something that fits you both or it wont mean as much.
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  • We haven't gotten there yet, but I was thinking of surprising my fi with an engraving. We always say "more than anything" to each other, implying "I love you more than anything". It is something that both of us understand, because it is our own little thing. Think about what you and your fi say to each other like that, it may inspire you :)
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  • My FI got his ring while in Spain (we had previously discussed this) and he engraved his own ring without asking me. He engraved my name and our wedding date. I thought it was cute that he did that although I may have chosen something different.
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  • I found this great couple on Etsy that do fingerprints on the inside (or outside) of your band. I thought it was neat and personalized:

  • We're engraving Olive Juice on the inside of both of our bands...
     When you mouth olive juice across the room it looks like you're saying I love you. It's our cute fun thing.
  • Since we got our wedding band set from an online store, Juno Jewelry, we had them engraved at the same time of the order. We simple had our nicknames, mine on his/his on mine, and our wedding month and day. We didn't include the year since we've been together for 12 years before getting married, it basically just like changing our anniversary date. lol.
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