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Budget Flowers

So I really want to do as much of my wedding I can myself. I've found an inexpensive reception site and would love to save money on flowers. I already know I want to do fake centerpieces. But for the ceremony, I want real flowers. I would love to get the flowers and do the arrangements myself. Any ideas?

Re: Budget Flowers

  • I did my own centerpieces. I used short square vases filled with roses and hydrangeas. I ended up with two hydrengeas, dosen of roses and spray roses for a filler as needed. Everything came from Wegmans. And it took me and my girls about an hour to put it all together. I also thought of using fake flowers, but costwise it was about the same. My ceremony was outdoors. I had lanterns and little containers filled with flowers on shepard hooks for the isle.
  • I know a lot of the girls that do this get the flowers from Sam's or Cosco. If you do decide to do make sure your girls are aware of the plan and willing to help you. Ask them please don't tell them. Good Luck!

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  • Try Wegman's. I had no idea that they did wedding flowers, but a friend of mine used them for her wedding and said it was totally affordable. Her entire wedding's flowers were the same price she was quoted for her bouquet alone elsewhere...With her recommendation, my fiance and I chose to use them as well. While I can't comment yet (my wedding is in June), the price was right and the girl we met with was fabulous. Hope that helps!
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