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Hi ladies,

Hope you are all enjoying planning your wedding.  It's been 7 months for me and I miss it so much. Below is a listing of items that I have left over and would love to sell and make room for other things in my house.  I do have photos of everything.  If interested in anything please email me at [email protected]

Re: Wedding Items for Sale

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    Forgot to post the list ;) 

    4 bags of 12 pack luminary bags (paid $4) asking $1.00
    15 table number frames (paid $13) asking $5.00
    21 Bride and Groom Silver Plated Bells (paid $42) asking $15
    100   20" sparklers opened with no boxes and 24 in box unopened asking $30
    4 pink / white pomanders (paid $20)  asking $7
    3 pink / white stained glass /cracked candle holders asking $5
    6 pink hanging candle holders from Ikea (paid $20) asking $12
    15 clear/ pink and 15 clear/green tea light holders (paid $40) asking $20
    3 pink and 3 green candle holders with carved flowers in them holders (paid $25) asking $10
    8 cracked votive holders asking $4.
    125 tulip shaped votive holders (paid $215) asking $100
    15 cracked vase or can be used a candle holders (paid $125)  asking $60
    5 tall bamboo vases (paid $30 (asking $15)
    5 lbs of coffee beans - asking $5.00
    17 candy jars for buffet and 9 silver candy scoops and 10 plastic tongs (paid over $300) asking $150
    150 Cinderella place cards holders (paid $300 for and never even used) asking $200 ... these were 1.95 a piece.. never used each in individual boxes.
    100 hotpink candy bags (asking $40)
    Cala lily garland (paid $20) asking $10
    6 packs of botanical colored paper, pinks, green and cream and one pack with approx 5 pieces taken out of it.   50 pieces per pack (paid $40) asking $20
    13 (2 pack) thank you coasters in thank you box with tag (paid $35) asking $20
    DIY Bride Book, Gently used but in near perfect condition asking $8.00
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    I would love to see the pictures..the sparklers are on the list of things we are getting, and also the candy holders..Are colors have green and white..
    Can you email me some pictures?

    [email protected]
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    Can you email me some pictures my colors are pink and green! Thanks morganbrubaker at mail dot com
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    I'm interested in seeing photos too.....

    onesweetgirl4god at gmail dot com :)

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