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Outdoor Seating Advice needed

So, my FI and are getting married 8/18/2012 and we are planning for about 100ppl to come. Most are family (FI family is like 80% of that total) And we are having an outdoor ceremony at a local park. Our question is......

Can we ask on invite for them to bring lawn chairs? What woudl you think if you got invite from family or really good friend to bring a chair? To rent the chair we need would cost $300 for 15mins-30mins at the max is all needed for. However, you have to rent the chairs a min of three days. Thoughts?

I appreicate it!

Re: Outdoor Seating Advice needed

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    To be honest, I would not want to bring my own chair. If you think about it, I am in a nice dress, in heels, carrying your gift, my purse and now I have to carry a chair? You would end up getting a lawn chair as your gift from me. 

    Were are you looking to rent chairs from? I have never heard of a place that makes you rent the chairs for more than one day. I would recommend looking at other places to rent chairs or cheaper options. You could have hay bails, blankets, or something else that might work with the theme. 
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    Thank you for all the feedback. We are having a super casual ceremony in a local park. I have looked for cheaper chair options, and sadly not found any. :( We will have to bite the bullet and get the chairs for 3days when we only need them for 30mins max. 

    Equipment Rentals....is the cheapst place I've found. 
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    Have you tried Karl's Event Services?  We are renting white chairs from them for $1.50 each.  They even allow you to come pick them up, so if you have the option to do this, you would be saving a lot more money.
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    Wisconsin Rental Center has chairs for $1.75 - http://www.wisconsinrentalcenter.com/tenttables.htm

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