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Hi everyone!!! I just wanted to update everyone on how my job search was going. The principal called me this morning while I was at work and after calling back twice during my lunch break I got in touch with him. I have an interview on Wednesday April 25th for 4th grade. I have to call in sick to my current job that day, I'm worried and nervous about that, but I have to take the chance.

I went shopping when I got out of work to get an outfit for the interview, since none of my teaching clothes fit me anymore, and came across New York and Company in my mall having 70% off ALL merchandise because they are closing. I ended up spending $90 for 5 pairs of dress pants and 1 cardigan. The bottom of my receipt said I saved $197. I built my wardrobe back up!

Next on my to do list is to find out about what curriculum the school uses and read up on it. I am also going to familiarize myself with the state standards as much as I can.

Tara I hope your job search is going well.
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  • I help everything is going well for Hippolover too (I forget your real name, Sorry :( ).
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  • That's wonderful Megan! I'm very happy for you! I wish you lots of luck. 

    That's awesome on saving so much on clothes! I wonder if my New York and Company is going out of buisness. I am in need of pants and capris. What kind of interview suit did you get?

    Thanks for thinking of me! I made two phone calls yesterday to follow up on my application. Both schools said they have not set up interviews yet. That means I still have a chance. 
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  • Good luck! :)

    I need a new suit.....none of mine fit anymore....
  • Gook Luck! 

    Mine isn't going real well. :(

    That is awesome that you saved that much money!! I need some more bus. causal clothes for everyday. But I want to wait till I get a job.
  • Congrats Megan.

    I feel so far behind the boat. I haven't done any applying yet. I do have a lead on a job that I am well qualified for that isn't teaching though.

    Mark- I hope your suits don't fit because they are too big :)
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    [QUOTE]Mark- I hope your suits don't fit because they are too big :)
    Posted by awarm014[/QUOTE]

    Oh you have no idea.  I have two that are probably 10 yrs old at this point that I interviewed for my last job in.  Those didn't fit 5 yrs ago for my cousins wedding (too small).  Now I've lost almost 100lbs and all four of them are <strong>WAY</strong> too big.....
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