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Told everybody but my sister... Help!

Just engaged.  Not even facebook official.  Everyone else knows but I really want to make it a point to tell her myself.  The story is.  She's in her last year of grad school on the other side of the country.  She'll be back in February.  Our relationship has been a bit strained because of a fight that happened last summer between my now fiance, her, myself, and my step mother.  My step mom is her mom.  There was a lot of outside circumstances that caused extra stress on all of us.  Everything was completely blown out of propertion and it turned really nasty.  Essentially, my sister and I had an arguement that my step mother got wind of.  She started screaming at me about it a few days later.  My fiance stepped in to defend me because I'm not one to stand up for myself if I think it will cause further conflict.  Both my step mom and sister turned it from against me to against him.  Well here is more than half a year later. Things have since cooled for everybody but she also hasn't been around much as her schooling has her all over the country.  She'll be back for good come February though.  She's been super sweet to me everytime we've talked (not often) despite the who thing. My step mom has also been super sweet to both of us. It seems to be genuine. Everyone seems really happy he poped the question. But heres the thing. I want to tell my sister and I also want to ask her if she'd feel comfortable being a bridesmaid. I can't imagine getting married without her at my side. And it would mean the world to me if she would say yes.  Any advice on doing this smoothly without guilting her into it. I want her to be happy for me and to celebrate this with me.

Re: Told everybody but my sister... Help!

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    'We got engaged! I would absolutely love for you to be a bridesmaid because you're a very important person in my life. Will you please be a bridesmaid in my wedding?'

  • i sent my sister a "will you be my matron of honor" card. I found examples online. It's my 2nd wedding so I didn't want to put her on the spot and make her feel like she HAD to say yes. She'd already done it once for me. Not the same circumstances by any means, but like you I didn't want guilt to factor in and I wanted her to have the option of saying no. You could do a card like that, and include a personal handwritten note that it would mean a lot to you. She could get back to you on her time.

    just a thought :-)
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