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Accountability - Friday

Friday - time to report any goals anyone hit over the week! How did you ladies do?

Well, I am going to update you all on the eating plan. I have done it for almost a week now (learned about it last Sat) and the result... without making changes to my workout I have actually gone down 0.5"! Evidently it was what I needed to break through on my weight loss (I had stalled) and as of today I am wearing size 6 pants comfortably to work! My original size was a 4, so I am getting SO close now :) Yay!!!!
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Re: Accountability - Friday

  • My eating was better than usual but not up to where I would like it to be.  Also, fail on the gym but it was my lady week, lol, so it's okay.  I actually only missed one day so I guess it's not that bad!  I was able to run 5 miles last night but the gym was hot as balls so it was a pretty miserable 5 miles.  

    My goals for next week are definitely to eat better!  I've curbed the snacking this week a bit so hopefully I can work on that a little more.
  • My eating has been really good this week - I'm impressed with how well I did in the evenings/during the night. Instead of picking at things, I just had a bowl of special K and that tied me over enough to last the night. I can see the difference in my abs :P
    (I'm sure the kettle bell workouts added to that too tho)

    Today is spin day - looking forward to it!
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  • That's awesome Britt congrats! Do you have a link or something that I could check out to get your eating routine? I need something to break through my plateau!

    This week has been decent . Worked out everyday except Wed. but I plan on working out on the weekend as well so that's ok. FI and I have been toying with the idea of applying to the RCMP so trying to come up with a new routine that will first let me pass the physical and then second survive Depot hahaha. This may be a long shot :)
  • Trins here's the blog post I wrote about it - CLICK
    For MUCH better info though, check out the book Body Confidence that I mention in the blog, that's where its from.
  • Thanks Britt!
  • My eating has been better this week than in past weeks.  I packed my lunch each day so I wasn't buying junk.  I also have been snacking less.  I've been making a conscious effort to make dinner each night for FI, so that means we're less likely to just go through the cupboards and grab whatever.  I've also been taking the dog on a walk more frequently, and we hit th gym a couple times this week.

    I've kind of been at a plateau on the weight loss thing, but I finally lost another lb.  I still have about 10 to go, though.

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