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Good - Everything!  I know, it's kinda hard to believe but everything wedding related was fantastic.  The weather was beautiful, the location was perfect, my planner far exceeded my expectations, my flowers, the reception venue, food, cake, etc were all great.  After the issues we had at the Marriott (see bad)- we ended up getting a gorgeous suite which was really nice to have during our "honeymoon"! 

Bad - The hotel situation(s) we had to deal with were horrible.  Between having to check in to the Wyndham for the first 3 days then checking out on my wedding day, then not having a place to get ready - we were terribly disappointed.  My planner came to the rescue though and was able to get me a room at Secret Harbour and the ladies got ready there.  DH was not as lucky and had to deal with all of the running around that the Marriott put him thru.  We played taxi a lot during our trip and I was not a happy girl.  A lot of our guests expected us to give them rides since we had a rental...WTF.  We were constantly made to feel like we had to entertain everyone all the time, it got super annoying and I felt like some of our guests didn't care that this was supposed to be our time.

Ugly - (see bad) - Nothing that I can really think of to put here...!!

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  • Great to hear that you had a good wedding!  I'm sorry about the hotel situation on your wedding day!  I couldn't even imagine!! Hope the rest of your trip went well after you got all that taken care of!

    Congrats MRS!
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  • Ughhh that room thing sounds terrible.  At least your planner found you a room even though your hubby had to be shuffled around.  They don't take as long to get ready anyways, hehe.  I'm so happy the rest went pretty smoothly though :)
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  • Ugh, that hotel situation sounds awful-especially all the shuflling around on your wedding day. And guests expected you to shuttle them around on your wedding day?! WTF indeed.
    And you bring up something I've been wondering about myself--we're going to plan a couple of excursions for guests to take part in if they want to (deep sea fishing, zip lining, maybe scuba diving), but other than that how is/did everyone handle the 'expect to entertain guests at all time' issue? I would hope that our guests wouldn't expect that. Because aside from the wedding day and the ziplining and scuba diving I'll probably go on, I'm basically planning on hanging out on the beach and/or pool the whole time with a margarita/pina colada/beer/other cold beverage in hand. I'm going to give them info on other things they could do, including just exploring Puerto Vallarta, but I really don't want to be expected to entertain them.

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  • Glad everything went so well!!!  That whole hotel thing is ridiculous... although not quite as ridiculous as the taxi driver issues!!!  I am hoping we don't run into that.  I know we will be traveling just about everywhere with my parents for the 1st two out of the three Hawaiian Islands we will be visiting but that is precisely why I scheduled time on Maui with just the two of us AND why I'm hoping only 20 or less RSVP to the actual ceremony!!  Thankfully, I know which of our friends are probably coming and I know they will take care of their own transportation & entertainment!!!  However, it seems all else went very great for you so HOORAY!!!!! 
  • Sorry to hear about the bad, but by the sounds of it, the good outweighed the bad!  Congrats Mrs!
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  • that sucks about the hotel situation but I'm glad your day went great!
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