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Chinese Wedding Reception Ideas

I'm planning to get married in Nov 2012 in Southern Cal area and my fiancée and I are just planning now.    I want to have a reception in a hotel with the usual 10+ Chinese entries or Chinese restaurant. Since I am currently living in WA, its a little hard to determine where to go. Any suggestions of locations,venues would be appreciated. Also if anyone has any suggestions for event planners with Asian Flare, please share!

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Re: Chinese Wedding Reception Ideas

  • awesome place all about nature in out door setting with large permanent structure for weather crazy beautiful location
  • I have been to several wedding receptions at the San Gabriel Hilton:

    The 10 course menu is excellent.  You can even have the ceremony on the roof.
  • Asia Pacific Museum in Pasadena is perfect for a chinese wedding.  They have a separate little room that you can have a tea ceremony and very nice traditional elements.

  • I second the San Gabriel Hilton!  Its lovely and is probably the best place to get the hotel + chinese banquet together.
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    Never eaten at the SG Hilton, but I've heard really bad things about the food there from just about everyone I've talked to who's been there. Quite surprisingly, the Universal City Hilton (where we had our banquet) has a great Chinese banquet program. I was also sold by the fact that they have a much better vegetarian menu than just about anywhere; we only had one vegetarian table, but it was great to be able to offer a full 10 course vegetarian banquet menu.

    I can tell you right now that a hotel will probably be significantly more expensive than a restaurant

    You might try the Chinese wedding boards; a couple places you could check out that are good food-wise for Chinese banquets in LA County:
     Elite (ming liu shan zhuang) in Monterey Park (I think can hold up to 20 tables) --
     King Hua (jin hua) in Alhambra (not sure about capacity).

    Could also check out 888, Full House, Happy Harbour, Sea Harbour probably some others.

    There are only a few other hotels besides those two Hiltons which have their own Chinese banquet catering (one in Orange County, and Pacific Palms in Industry), but there are some outfits which will do onsite catering at other hotels which allow outside caterers.

    If it's a really big banquet ( /> 20 tables), there are some other places you'll want to check out.

    Chinese banquet places will often tell you that you don't need to book far in advance, but then rent out the space, so if you know your date, make sure to put down a deposit and confirm the date.

    I really like the LA Arboretum as a ceremony venue; if I were doing it again, I'd consider doing the ceremony there and then the reception at a restaurant.
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