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Need ideas for pictures

Any ideas of some great places for engagement pictures in either the Elkhorn/Omaha area?

Re: Need ideas for pictures

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    What kind of pictures are you looking for? The picture in my signature was in the downtown/old market area at the old train station near the train tracks. It is really cool and old rustic. They have lots of good spots down there. 

    You could also do something in a field if you get some cool props. I have seen some neat ones with things just like an older bicycle and a chair or balloons. If you go in the old market area you have tons of options though and pretty much everything you need is down there. 

    If I were you though I would google engagement pictures or "Unique engagement pictures" and get some ideas. I am sure you can think of some cool places once you see some ideas. 

    (Oh! I also wanted to go to Hot Shops in the north downtown area when we get ours taken next month, it is a artist co-op and I thought you could have some fun. They have cool sculptures and things like that. 


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    you could try pacific springs golf course if you're looking for something like that. otherwise the old market is a great place! 
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    It kinda depends on what you are going for.  We took ours in the old market, heartland of america park, gene leahy malls, and at teh old train depot.

    If you want to stay more towards Elkhorn.. Indian Creek has some nice scenery there.  Also RiverWest Park is out that way.  Coventy campus on about 204th and Q has a nice grassy area if you want that look.
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    Ours were in the Elmwood Park Grotto. Very pretty. We also had pics from our wedding at the OPPD park...also very nice area. 
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  • mflogstadmflogstad
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    there is a neighborhood in Bennington called the Heritage, beautiful lake, windmill and gorgeous landscaping.  No cost to take photos there and you do not have to get clearance or anything like that
  • MinnViking1MinnViking1
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    Thank you for all of the suggestions!!  We are going to try and stay west and go with the Bennington idea.  Downtown Elkhorn is actually just down the street from us and they have some older builidings too. 
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    Downtown Elkhorn is great and also the ponds in Five Fountains, by the Womens Hospital. Your photog should also have suggesions based off the time of day as well.
  • soontobeCLHsoontobeCLH
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    Any suggestions for the Lincoln area?
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