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Things to ask your potential photographer

Hello everyone!!

I am in the process of looking into photographers for my destination wedding in Barbados.. Ore wedding will be small, and not be including family so we won't be having a lot of the traditional aspects (ie: cake cutting, first dance etc), that things will happen at the reception in Victoria, BC. 

I am wondering what your top questions were when you were interviewing a potential photographerÉ

So I have:
-Do we get an album and a cd of our pictures
-Do we get to pic the pictures out from the digital role
-Do you have any packages (ie: specific amounts of time for a specific amount)

Thank you for your help!
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Re: Things to ask your potential photographer

  • Ask about printing rights- I think that's your second question but be very clear. If you have a CD with no printing rights you can't print out any pictures.

    Ask what they do if they cannot make it (sick, death in family, etc) the day of the wedding.
    How long it takes to get pictures back.
    Usually you should ask to see a whole wedding from start to finish that they photographed. That way you see not just the super good pictures, but how they work overall.
  • Are the photos watermarked?
    What time do they intend to arriave? Leave?
    Do they take photos in black & White?
    Can you buy a dvd with the photos? How much?
    Do you have all rights to your photos? Do you have shared rights? If so what do they intend to do with the photos?
    Do they shoot at multiple locations? (Getting ready at home, ceremoney, reception)
    How long after the wedding can you expect to see proofs?
    How long after the wedding until you get the dvd with the photos?
    How long after the wedding until you get your printed photos?
    How much do prints cost?
    Are any prints or photobooks included in the package?
    Do they accept a "Must take list"?
    Quaility and size of the photobooks?
    If you intend to have pictures done with a pet, are they allergic? Do they shoot animals?
    What kind of equiptment are they using?

    I have recently been meeting with photographers and those are some of the things that came up.

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