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Bridesmaid drama :/

I have  a best friend whom I have known for a very long time, and I also have my sister who will be my MOH. Well when my long time friend found out my sis was my MOH she started crying, I suppose she thought she was going to be my MOH, but I had to choose my sister. My sister is my sister and I was her MOH in her wedding. Well now that the wedding date is approaching, I over hear my sis venting to my mom, about how my friend is trying to plan out the Bachelorette festivities instead of letting my sis take charge of it. My sister is in Korea deployed so she hasn’t been around for most of the wedding planning, so maybe my friends feels she needs to step up since my sis isn’t here. So im not sure what to do, I wasn’t supposed to hear that conversation, so im not sure if I should bring it up to either of them. I know they both have good intentions, but I don’t like to hear that my sister is feeling left out, or feeling that my friend is trying to “take” her MOH spot.  Do you guys think I should have a conversation with either of them???

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Re: Bridesmaid drama :/

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    How about making her BF the 2nd MOH? You are entitled to have as many MOHs as you want. So don't feel limited. I would definitely talk to both of them and see if there is a way to resolve this issue with the Bachelorette party planning.
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    I don't think you should say anything.  It's between them.  Your friend should be more understanding though.  Family is family and I completely understand why you would choose a sister over a friend to be your MOH.  Sometimes I think women get a little immature when it comes to these things.  It's only a title. For one day.  They both need to put their jealousies aside and act like grown-ups.  It has nothing to do with you though so I would stay out of it unless one of them comes up to you and speaks to you directly about it.
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    If it helps, I'm having two MOHs - both of my older sisters.  I just couldnt bear to chose one over the other.  I've always been closer to one more than the oldes but only because growing up she kinda took me under her wing and introduced me to stuff like music, fashion, foods, etc. I love them both dearly and I'm so Blessed to have them stand up for me.
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