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What are you stressed out about?

NWR or WR...What is your biggest stress right now?

Re: What are you stressed out about?

  • MONEY!!!!  No doubt... My FI and I are paying for everything ourselves!
  • That has to be on my list of top 5 too!  I am in grad school so I have many more (but just till May :) )
  • At the moment I would have to say money is at the top of the list! I'm getting ready to start graduate school next month (hopefully, I'm finishing up all the application stuff this week). I'm sure that will add onto the stress of everything. My mom told me I was crazy for starting a new job, getting married, and going back to school all in the same year, maybe she's right? I'm hoping though that school will take my mind of the wedding as I tend to obsess over something until I have it finished. Obviously I can't rush the wedding and finish it sooner lol, dang FI wont let me! Wink
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  • Money! We are paying for this ourselves as well!
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  • I definitely agree-money is my major stressor right now! Wish I had a money tree!!

  • YAY none of us are alone! 

    Sassygirl-if you need any advice about going to grad school and wedding planning, let me know. :)
  • Thank you! So far I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I've got a lot of the wedding stuff out of the way so it shouldn't be too much of a stressor. We'll see what happens after the first month of homework assignments!

    I'd like to add another item to the stress list. Tomorrow I have to participate in laying off 5 people at work. Frown I felt so horrible calling them today asking them to come in tomorrow. I just want Thursday to be done at over with. They're such nice people too! Argh... I guess this would be one of the downsides to working in HR.
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  • I have three stresses right now:

    1) School. I am going to be working on my internship during the wedding. My semester  will begin a week before the wedding, which i was not prepared for.

    2) Money. We are paying for the great majority of the wedding and I am not working. So it's kinda hard....

    3) BM passed away a month ago. It's just getting really hard to plan knowing she will not be there.
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  • jl46jl46 member
    Money money money. I think we'll be fine paying for what we have to pay for (which unfortunately is a lot), but we're moving the month after the wedding to a different state so that is definitely overwhelming.

    Really though, out of all of the wedding things we've got going on - nothing has stressed me out. Even the money, I know we'll be fine.. I am just worrying for not good reason. I think I am most worried about what the weather will be like up north though. We live in Orlando and his entire family will be coming from St. Louis. Here is to hoping they don't have a huge snow storm like they did this year.

  • sosie-I am so sorry to hear about your BM.  That has to be tough for you.  You are in my toughts. 

    jl46-I am moving to another state before the wedding too!  I know how stressful that can be. We are moving in 4 weeks and don't have apts or jobs.  FI got into grad school and I did get my internship, which is unpaid.  Good luck!  IF you have any moving advice let me know. hehe

    I feel like ther are about 500 things going on in my life and that in itself is stressful.  :(
  • jl46jl46 member
    hippolover, yeah we are a little worried but fortunately his family lives where we are moving, so we will at least have a place to live. I'm just worried I won't find a job right away. I'm a graphic designer and it's super hard to get places to hire you before you actually live there and I just can't afford 300 plane tickets for interviews... hopefully the fact we're moving to St. Louis will help. They've pretty much had a population exodus the past couple of years so I think I will probably write an awesome coverletter that plays off of the fact we're actually moving TO stl, instead of out haha.

    I wish I had advice, just try to get a job beforehand if you can and don't have family where you're moving.
  • Money!

    We are about $5000 over our budget! I'm trying to get it back down to my original budget of $10000, but I doubt it will happen.

    I am so afraid of not having the final payments for the vendors.

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  • ...MONEY....

    That is the biggest and worst stressor right now in my life....We have our money saved up but we are also trying to save up for a down payment on a house...and it's just ALL about money...

  • My bridezilla twin sister:  My twin sister is getting married this Saturday on a pretty small budget, but of course it's like champagne taste on a beer budget... so she's DIY'ing everything... All she does is complain, yell, and scream at everyone one and I'm just so sick of spending MY time away from my fiance to help her build/paint/decorate sh*t until 2 am every single night....... wedding is satruday---thank god.. Can't handle anther secone of it!!
  • In my case, it's having a house to live in once we are married.  My FI and I don't live together, and don't plan on it until after the wedding.  My FI had a bad fire at his house on Nov, and is now suing the insruance co to get it fixed because they are dragging their feet.  Unfortunately, I don't have room for him in my apt.  I just keep crossing my fingers that they start getting things done.  His agent said she "hoped" he would have a house to live in by the end of the year. 

    Also on top of wedding planning, we have to remodel an entire house once it gets gutted....FUN!!!!

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