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Does my photographer need an associate shooter?


Any advice on whether my photographer needs to have a second shooter to support her on the wedding day?  My mother has heard from her friends that we will sorely regret not having a second shooter to help the main photographer, but the photographer I'm interested in shoots solo and always has.  AND her pictures are amazing.  I'm not convinced a second shooter is always necessary, but any advice/previous experience??  Thanks!

Re: Does my photographer need an associate shooter?

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    My photog normally worked as a team but had a family commitment on my date so only one shooter was available. Because of this, they obtained a replacement shooter for the day since that's how they were accustomed to working.

    If your photog's solo work is amazing don't stress! Your shots will be beautiful! Do not worry about a second photog in the mix!!!
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    Hire the second.  All our packages in 2012 will include a second professional photographer.  Make sure you look at the second's work, meet the 2nd and make sure that they have shot an entire wedding on their own.  It's cheap insurance that you have a photographer if your primary gets hit by a bus on his way to your wedding.  With almost all of your other services, another employee can do just as well without the company owner.  Your photographer is literally a one-man-show.

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    Great, thanks for the input!  Turns out the photographer we're interested in actually CAN have an associate with her for no extra charge, so even though I would have been fine hiring her solo the problem has been solved!  Thanks :)
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    The biggest reason you might want two photographers is if you/bridesmaids are getting ready in a different location than the groom/groomsmen.  The second photographer can ensure that you have the getting ready photos of both sides of the bridal party.  This is probably not an issue though if you're all getting ready at the church or in the same hotel.

    It might also be cool to have your main photographer up close during the ceremony to get the expressions on your faces/etc. and the second one get get shots from further away (but I think that most good solo photographers should be able to do this on their own). 
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    Our photographer typically shoots with an associate. He does that to insure that he gets more quality shots for his clients. He can't be in more than one place at a time. He knows that. So he takes full advantage of having a second set of eyes to capture the moments he may miss while concentrating somewhere else.

    If it's an option, go for it!
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    Our photographer is going to have an associate shooter, that way you can have two angles of everything, your photographer can't be in two places at once, and if they try to be, it will be a distraction.

    I'm also a photographer and though I don't normally do weddings, I have shot as a second on weddings before, and the brides tend to like my photos just as much.
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