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engagement pictures TOMORROW....nervous!! HELP??

I didn't think I would be nervous for our engagement photo session....but I REALLY AM!!!

I still need to pick out FI's outfits and my own accessories and finalize the props we are taking with us....

I know that as long as I relax and we remember to act natural and like ourselves, they will probably turn out great, but I am starting to worry about things like needing Spanx, touching up my makeup, etc.!!

Does anyone have any general suggestions/tips/hints for making sure your engagement photos are good??

I would love to hear about any great photos that you guys ended up with that you would recommend that we try :)

If I had to stereotype my fiance and myself, we are the "modern yet swanky downtown couple", so we are taking pictures downtown in front of buildings, will be wearing bright colors and fancy clothes, and want to have an urban feel to our pictures :)

Re: engagement pictures TOMORROW....nervous!! HELP??

  • Just relax and have fun!!! Be yourself! Don't worry about touching up anything- your photographer can photoshop pretty much anything if necessary. 

    I really like natural pictures, like FI and you looking at each other, smiling, walking hand in hand, etc. If you feel a poise is uncomfortable- you'll probably end up looking awkward. I'd recommend doing few funny photos, we did some of us jumping up and down and we wore our favorite college sweatshirts (me U of MN, him U of ND). 

    I've seen some amazing photos and I wish I thought of them- like a sunset one, including a pet (we did a few but then our dog jumped into a swamp and he was kicked out of the session!), etc. Why don't you browse pictures online and see if there are any that you'd like to have with your FI.

    Bright colors and fancy clothes sound cute!! Just be sure your clothes don't clash with each other. 
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  • Aw, I'm sure they'll be very pretty! Just be yourself, your FI didn't propose because you were wearing spanx, right? If you're in love, and I suppose you are, it will show on the pictures and that is what matters most.

    When is your session? Around midday, the light can be kind of harsh. If you're really worried about things looking perfect, see if you can reschedule to late afternoon.
  • thanks for the advice ladies...this is really helpful!! FI and I met on our college swim team so a jumping picture in our college swim shirts might be super cute :-D

    you are totally right Elinetrouwt, we are in love and i wasn't wearing spanx when FI proposed!!!

    we are starting at 4p.m. and then taking some "after dark" shots - we have some awesome christmas-themed lighting still up downtown and are hoping for the best with our dark shots! hopefully the lighting will be perfect, we are scheduled to have a sunny day!
  • All of these tips are really helpful!  Our e-pics are on Monday and I am nervous too! 
  • Best of luck! Just relax and have a good time.  Don't worry about getting the best shots because those will be the worst ones.  I bet they will turn out amazing.

  • Oh, I love the idea of after dark shoots! Let us know how it went
  • haha, I didn't know what FI was going to wear until the day of! hahaha we bought his shirt an hour before we had to meet the photographer!! I was a little nervous, but I LOVE our photographer!! I wish we could bring her to MI to shoot our wedding!! 
  • Be yourself.  That is my biggest suggestion.  I was so nervous about ours, as I hate, I mean Hate being photographed, however I have a good repore with my photographer and she kept us at ease.  I love how our photos turned out.  For my make up I spent $55.00 to get my make up done and then added another $20 for fake eyelashes.....lol.  I would suggest relaxing tonight and enjoy your photo shoot.

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