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Need a mixologist for signature drink ideas

Hi ladies!
   A friend of mine is getting married in May, and they are having the reception in the Hobbes building so can bring in their own liquor.  She is interested in having a signature drink, but doesn't really have anything in mind.  Does anyone know of a mixologist or good bartender in the KC area who would be able to design a couple of drinks for her to try? 

   Any help is appreciated!

Re: Need a mixologist for signature drink ideas

  • HammysGirlHammysGirl member
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    Hmm... TBH, I didn't know there was such a thing as a "mixologist"... I think I'm changing my profession! :-)

    Are they wanting a drink that goes with their theme and/or colors?

    If so, what are they? I'm no mixologist but I might be able to find something.

    The biggest hit "signature drink" I've found was the "pink hottie" (even the men liked it). It's sprite w/ X-Rated vodka - YUM!
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    We're having a singature drink at our reception.  I didn't use a mixoligist but I did find some recipes in an older Bride's magazine as well as online.  Some of their suggestions were Martinit's (different flavors or colors), Vodka infused with fruit, or champage with frozen fuit and sprint in it (that I've had an it is good). 

    I guess it depends on what they are looking for, as for a person or place in KC to go I'm not sure.  They could go to their favorite bar and ask  the bartendar for ideas or the pepole who will be bartending at their wedding might have ideas.  Also I know the Hobbs building has their own catering company (Feast of Fancy) I would see if they have any suggestions.  HTH
  • tracy_irbtracy_irb member
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    To truly create from scratch, something to fit your criteria, you really do need a mixologist. It's not just about the color or fruit. It also needs to balance well with the appetizer, specific course it's being paired with or overall meal. Many people don't realize that alcohol can make a food taste "off" or accent a bitterness, etc if it's not paired right.

    In KC, MO there is the KC bartending school. I can tell you the teachers have many years of experience. I'm sure they can help come up with a signature drink and even hire out to serve (if the venue allows and you need that.) Go to www.kcbartending.com.

    A lot of good bartenders can make/revise any recipe so finding something on line is reasonable too. You could try making it at home first to taste it with the food you want to have. That might be a fun time to have an overall get together with the wedding party too.

    Best of luck!
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    I'm not sure what if this would work for her, but we are doing a "Country Boy" and "City Girl" cocktail idea. I'm from Chicago and he's from a farm town in Missouri (we'll be living in Missouri after our wedding this week).

    The "Country Boy" is Jeremiah Weed sweet tea flavored vodka served with lemonade and garnished with a lemon. The "City Girl" is a pomegranate martini garnished with an orange peel.
  • amcguire1213amcguire1213 member
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    Send me the color, and her fav alcohol and I can come up with something.

    [email protected]
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    My husband and I had one of our best pre-wedding nights figuring out our signature drink.  We went to the store and picked up all kinds of mixers and alcohol and just started making drinks (the size of a shot glass).  We documented the ingredients and the proportions of each drink and rated each one as we tasted (I saved our "documentation"  and pictures for our scrap book stuff).  We finally narrowed it down to a FAB drink that was totally us.  Everyone raved about it and has asked for the recipe.  we named it BLISS (as in- wedded bliss).

    I think it really meant alot to us because we came up with it on our own and had a great time comming up with it.  While I totally appreciate a great mixologist for a night out- this one was our own special touch and really made our night.
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