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State House Photo Permit

Hi ladies,

I'm trying to plan ahead for my 9/16/12 wedding.  We're interested in taking some photographs at the State House and I've heard that a permit is required. I can't find anything on any website as to the process for getting said permit.  Do any of you have experience with this?
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Re: State House Photo Permit

  • I do know you have to pay to have pictures there. I think it is like 200. You have to call the state house and they will tell you all the info.
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  • It's $300 for 2 hours, but they can refuse you if they have too many people signed up for the day and time.  They will also ask you for an approximate time so that they can monitor how many different bridal parties are using the spaces.  This is only needed for interior pictures. Ground pictures do not need a permit.  
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  • Good rainy day back up - also in downtown providence is the providence public library and I think its like 20 dollars :) they have a really nice marble staircase to take pictures on :) Everything is on their website..
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