Help me fill my jars

I bought 8oz mason jars to do favors for my rehearsal lunch. I'll be putting a sweet something in them the weekend before and traveling 5 hours from Texas to Arkansas with them.

What's a good idea for a sweet filling that won't melt and can last a week?
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Re: Help me fill my jars

  • Can I ask why you are doing favors for your rehearsal lunch?  Typically the favors are for the wedding.  Just curious.

    The only thing I could think of that wouldn't melt is possibly some sort of hard candy.  Is there anything native to your aea of TX that you could incorporate?  I used to live in San Antonio, but I can't think of anything "sweet" from that area.....


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    Depending on your "theme" or color scheme, you could fill them with jelly beans that coordinate with your colors. 

    Or, because in theory you might be able to drink from them, you could fill it with some sort of powdered drink mix like tea or lemonade, or even a dry cocktail mix wherein you only need to add the alcohol. 

    If you are really feeling ambitious, you could fill it with the dry ingredients needed to bake cookies, too.  There's no "rule" that says the contents have to be instantly edible.
  • Rock candy, M & M's, jelly beans, gummy candy, anything not chocolate since it can melt really quickly. 

    I found a wonderful website that provides inspiration images of favors and candy bars and where to purchase products to get that dream image. Check it out and good luck!

  • janegoodey - apparently you missed the pesky little part of the terms of service where vendors arent allowed to advertise on the boards.  How can you trust a vendor who can't follow rules?  All of your posts advertise the website in your post.

  • can i ask where you got these jars? and about how much did they run?
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