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Could rehearsal be a few days before the wedding?

My soon-to-be step daughters are involved in a large summer theater group.  While out of thoughtfulness to us, the group did not schedule a production on our wedding date, there are, however, performances the Thursday night and Friday night before --when the usual rehearsal would be.

Would it be really weird to have the rehearsal on the Wednesday before a Saturday wedding??  All people who need to be there could meet that day. 

If we stayed with tradition and did it Friday we would have to do it midafteroon and the girls would miss the dinner.


Re: Could rehearsal be a few days before the wedding?

  • It's not ideal, but I would rather go to a rehearsal on Wednesday night and not miss work than go to one in the middle of the day on a Friday. As long as you don't have OOT people in your wedding party then I think you're good. 
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  • I think you've got to do what you've got to do.  If the stepdaughters are in the wedding and need rehearsal, have it Wednesday.

    Is anyone in the wedding from out-of-town that might not be able to make it Wednesday?  And would anyone have to take off work (who wasn't already planning on doing so) if you have it midafternoon Friday?  Just a couple other things to consider.
  • My wedding is on a Sunday and I'm having my rehearsal on Thursday. My venue only does them on Thursdays. They use the ballroom for line dancing for seniors early in the week and Fri Sat Sun are prime wedding days.

  • I should have added that the girls could be at the rehearsal on Friday but not the dinner.  Also, there's only one person who is planning to get out of work early (beside FI) on Friday.
    Lastly, there's one person who is OOT (but a drive away, not a flight) who has offered to come up a day early since she's currently a stay-at-home mom.
  • I would talk to your wedding party and ask for opinions or what works best for them.  I would rather it be a Wednesday evening over a Friday afternoon if I wasn't already planning on taking off work.

  • I agree I would talk to your WP...Is it necessary for them to be at the rehearsal?  Are they playing a role in the WP? 
  • They are both teenagers and bridesmaids.  Plus I will be making a promise to them and their brother at the wedding.

    I guess I'll ask the rest of the WP what they think. 
  • I had a friend who was married last friday and her rehearsal was the saturday afternoon before.  I think if your wedding party can make it happen then wednesday is fine!
  • If everyone can make it, go for Wednesday. I wish we didn't have to have ours the night before! I'm worried I'm going to be too stressed and/or will just want that night alone with FI so I'd would rather have it on the Thursday prior, but some of the GMs wouldn't be able to make it.
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