Engineers Club for Ceremony/Reception

Has anyone visited or had their wedding at the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion (The Engineers Club) in Mt. Vernon?? I am really curious about their pricing and package options, but I'm out-of-state until June, so I can't visit. 

Really hoping for some solid feedback on bridal party/guest experiences, too.

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Re: Engineers Club for Ceremony/Reception

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    I love that place! It was our #1 pick, but it was a little too pricey. They offered us a $154 (++ included) per person rate, which was still a little too much for our wallet. That price included an open bar and a plated meal.

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    All I know is that it's beautiful, but pricey. We have a friend getting married there at the end of June and the only way they could afford it was to offer a brunch.  Also, from talking with her, it sounds like you have to be an engineer and have a membership or join the Engineering club to be able to rent it out. Her FI is an Engineer, so all he had to do was pay the few hundred dollars for the membership fee. I could be wrong on this, maybe they just offer a discount if you're a member.
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    Anyone can get married there--but you have to become a one year member of the club. They make you put down $3,000 to join, and $2,000 goes to your food, etc. Think of it as a $1,000 rental fee. FYI, I visited the club a few months ago, so I could be slightly off with the cost.

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    Brittney, you're right on.  I'm having my wedding there and that's exactly how it worked.  We're doing the brunch option to save on cost.  It's a gorgeous space, and the coordinator there is a doll, completely willing work with you.  The best part is, it's all-inclusive -- food, furniture, linens, and a run of the whole house on your day -- without feeling institutional.
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    I loved that place! It is definitely out of our price range... and I was a little confused about the whole membership thing... but if you can afford it, it looks completely gorgeous!Laughing
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    We are getting married there in a few weeks, 48 to be exact :)

    So far, the staff has been great and they negotiated on the price!!!

    My Dad did have to become a member, but to be honest, the membership comes with great perks anyway!!
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    I'm getting married there in may and have had a wonderful experience so far wiht the coordinator (Asha)-very fun and responsive.  Pricing varies a lot, both in terms of what they will offer, who will offer what and when.  The all inclusive part is nice-and the option i got (for sat. night dinner) was 116/pp (including space, tables/linens/chairs, staff, food, open bar and an ecellent day of coordinator).  This was the cheapest dinner option (but the appetizers and entres available were still fantastic and delicious).  The membership issue was separate, but there seemed to be some room for negotiation (we originally heard $1500 but ended up finding someone who was already a member and negotiated the price down to pretty negligible), and we got discounted further because of the flowermart going on at the same time.  The whole membership/rental space issue was the most confusing part-but in a way this could be a bonus if you're looking to negotiate as there really doesn't seem to be a standard fee.  The dinner pricing is fom 2010 though, so i'm not sure if it's been jacked up much further this year.
    Having the run of the place for the full day (you can get there whenever you want to get ready) is also a big plus, and unlike alot of other historic places we looked at that were so restrictive in where you could go in the buidling when they were almost martial (peabody for example), you and guests are free to roam around.
    I've also been to some work functions there, and the atrium at night is lovely-with small white trinkle lights that come with the place.  I'm not spending any money on additional decorations (other than some candles, no flowers other than in bridal party) because while  you can go there if you want, the garrett mansion doesn't need it, so there's an opportunity for saving there.
  • Looking to use the Engineer's Club for a sept/oct 2013 wedding. Would love to hear other's experience with pricing. 
  • I am looking here for my wedding for March 2014 and have gotten a few pricing numbers.  They have a bunch of different packages to choose from - so for their higher-level package (plated dinner and premium bar) it's about 140pp. A mid-level buffet option with bar is about 130pp. There's a $2,000 fee if you're not a member, but you can also get a member to sponsor you, so I am looking high and low for someone :) There's also a per person room usage fee - anywhere from 6-12 per person. They do also charger another separate fee for the ceremony, if you choose to do it there, another $500 - $1000. It's expensive for sure, but everything is included (food, bar, gratuity, linens, etc etc). 
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