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Be careful when hiring vendors...

I recently got married and have been debating putting this up on the boards.  We hired a very popular company in the NJ area for wedding coordination just for the day.  The person we met with talked a big game and because of their reputation we hired them.  We felt as though we were not treated well by this coordinator ( showed up late to all 3 meetings with us, we were the ones that put together a timeline of the day after it was told numerous times that the coordinator would, the coordinator was on the phone most of the time when I was around during the wedding & reception, and business cards were left on the reception tables)  

They did do a good job in coordinating the specific day but I should have shopped aorund a little more a talked to some more of our vendors....

I will not disclose the name of the company but to all of you brides shop around for your vendors  before making your final decision 

Re: Be careful when hiring vendors...

  • would be really helpful to know the name so that other brides don't encounter a similar experience (even when shopping around -- esp knowing that this person talked a big game and had a good sales pitch, which is all that prospective brides will be going off of for the most part, and she likely isn't going to be using you as a reference..).  PM with the name please as I'd like to make sure I don't face a similar experience (esp with those cards on the table! how tacky!)
  • I PMd the name to you
  • You should put the name up for everybody to see, actually - it saves other couples from the stress, heartache, and trouble. If I have a problem with a vendor and they give me awful service, they know in today's age their business can be made or destroyed by internet reviews. They know very well what they're doing - so you should share the information you have publicly.
  • Hi,

    I run a South Asian wedding website based in New England, but we have NY and NJ vendors on it as well.
    We just started our own forum as well as allowing brides to post reviews on their vendors.

    don't feel hesitant on naming names as it encourages vendors to step up their game and better themselves in the future.  You are helping the vendors and brides.
  • Can you PM me the name please?
  • Hii, can you please PM the vendor to me as well. I just started planning and it would help alot. Thanks!
    Melissa & Rick
  • I just started planning!  That's scary. I would like to know the name, too. 
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