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September 2012 Weddings

and they're back...

...my wedding nightmares!  I had a bunch when we were 3-4 months out and then they stopped.  I had one Saturday where I was wearing this horrible LBD as my ceremony dress and then put on my regular totally bridal dress for the reception.  I don't even have two dresses so no clue where this came from.  Had another one last night where during cocktail hour I had changed out of my dress into a tank top and daisy dukes and was running around the ballroom trying to get things done (although everything looked done so I was just running around for no reason).  FI had changed out of his tux into a polo shirt and was messing with the music.  Then at the end of cocktail hour I found our photographer and said "We didn't take any pictures!!" and he said to do it now but dinner was being served (and I was still in my daisy dukes).  We have two DOCs so I'm not even worried about the room transition that has to happen during cocktail hour (well, I thought I wasn't, subconciously I must be).  I had this blip of a "what if we don't have enough time for pictures" last night while I was making dinner so I guess that made it into my subconcious as well. 

The dreams kinda throw me because I feel on top of things and like it'll all work out and then my nightmares throw these horrible what-ifs.  I can confidently say my daisy dukes won't make an appearance and will be tucked deep inside my HM luggage.

Re: and they're back...

  • cinderellasjccinderellasjc member
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    Now is the time to step back and take a deep breathe.  With a little over week left, just enjoy it.  I'm sure everything is in place.  Trust me, you won't even notice if anyone is out of dress code or something is missing. 
    I had many nightmares prior to our wedding.  None of them came true!!!!!LOL
    Other mishaps did happen,  one of our guests did not have a place card, my throw bouquet got left in the limo, I got lipstick on my dress, and my bustle broke on my dress.  But none of them made a differance.  The night was still as perfect as I imagined. 

    Even with mishaps.. your wedding will be perfect!  Try to finish up last minute details now, and enjoy the next week with your FI and family!!!

  • LOL!  What a crazy nightmare.  I've been blessed by not having any recently, but that's probably because I haven't been sleeping AT ALL this past week.  It doesn't have so much to do with the wedding as personal stuff, but I can't sleep.

    If I were you, though; I'd probably double check that the daisy dukes are packed away.  ;)

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