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First Look Photography Reccomendations

My FI and I are getting married at the Elms in October but want to start with pictures around downtown either for really urban type pictures or in some of the historic parks. We will doing a first look picture wherever we start and want that to be special of course. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of good places to start?? Thanks for your help!!

Re: First Look Photography Reccomendations

  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum would be a good place because it has both urban and historic in one place!  It's pretty popular for photos so you may not the be only couple on that day.

    Also the World World I Museum has a great view of downtown and I've seen some great wedding photos taken there.
  • Crown Center has some great spots. Like Union Station? There is the big clock which is amazing. There typically are weddings in there so that area might not be available, though.
    The fountains are cool too, and like pp said, the WW1 memorial.

    I had a friend take some pictures at the KC Star building, it was pretty cool, but they only took a few there, and their venue was on the same block so it was easy for them.
  • We are getting married there in September.  My photographer grew up in the town, so I am sure she will have some good ideas.  There are tons of pretty places on the grounds that they don't take you on the tour, so feel free to walk around.  She was also talking about a place called the hall of waters...maybe?  I suppose you could just PM me after the first of september and I could tell you where we did ours :)
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