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Flower Nightmare!

It's an actual nightmare, not like a crappy situation.

So...I had the final meeting with our florist a couple days ago and she is phenomenal and I don't have any concerns at all; but last night I had a dream that she showed up to the ceremony with the flowers and when we took them out they were all made entirely of craspedias - heaps and heaps of them:

The boutonnieres and corsages were just several of them all tied up with extra stems. Plus, and I remember this vividly, there was pollen EVERYWHERE. When I asked her what happened to the order we discussed she said that these had saved her money. So, logically, I asked if we would be getting a refund and she said "NO"!

I think this is my payback for telling her that other than us and the mothers I don't really care what the rest of the family gets in their corsages and boutonnieres - HA!

Re: Flower Nightmare!

  • ceyringceyring member
    edited December 2011
    NICE.  I had a nightmare a week or two ago that instead of my white and pale green bouquets I got spiky orange ones.  Also, I wasn't wearing my actual dress, I had to corral the guests, and I was in a gloomy hotel ballroom instead of my catering hall!  :)
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