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Inexpensive photographers and caterers in Billings MT?

Hello Ladies! You were so much help in my search to find the perfect reception location (thank you, thank you!) that I decided to ask for your help again.

I'm currently looking for an affordable photographer. I feel like I've called every studio in Billings and am shocked at some of the prices!  We just can't afford to pay $1,500+ to capture the ceremony. Anyone know of a photographer who is just starting their career or is not well known yet?  Pictures are very important to me but we are on a strict budget.
If you don't mind sharing, who are your photographers? Any suggestions?

Also, I'm just starting to search for a caterer. Any suggestions for finding one or advice in general? I am currently battling my FI's family to decide on a rough menu. They want beef and potatoes only and half my family refuses to eat red meat. What have I gotten myself into? haha!

I would very much appreciate any advice or input you may have. Thanks!

Re: Inexpensive photographers and caterers in Billings MT?

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    I'm using photographer Scott Dupuis from Creative imagry, i believe his website is creativeimagrybyscott.com

    He only charges $95 to reserve him for your wedding day, the only extra cost is the price of the pictures which vary by size of course, but this way you only have to pay $95 up front and shell out the rest of the $$ for the pics after the wedding when you pick them out. I loved his flexibility and he is so nice!

    There were a few good caterers I remember from the wedding fairs, let me get back to you on this one after I look them up again .
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    No idea on caterers but I am using Jenn with Lasting Memories, we had so much fun with her! www.lastingmemoriesphotography.info

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    Thanks! I will have to check them out.
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    Montana Jacks is the caterer I was thinking of, they are fantastic and offer a lot of different packages. We would have gone with them if we didn't have to use the hotel catering. They are very flexible and will work within your budget
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    As it turns out the wedding I went to last night at MT Jacks catering, they had an italian buffet. Their penne alfredo was delicous, the chicken parm my fiance said was great, their lasagna was pretty good too. Garlic bread also delicious.

    They were supposed to supply the forks for the meal and cake and ended up running out which I thought was a bit embarrasing. But overall I was impressed!
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    I am also using Scott from Creative Images and he is so nice. The prices are really affordable and it was very relaxing to work with him. I just got back the proofs from the engagement pictures and there were so many great pictures that it is hard to choose the ones that I really. Hope this helps out a little in your quest.

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    I'm going through Beunique photographers in Laurel.  They are extremely inexpensive and Heather is really professional and I like her work.
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    I'm using Bryson's Photography Studio. He has a ton of different packages and he's very reasonably priced. He did my friends wedding and her pictures turned out wonderful, especially the candid shots. His website is www.perfect-proofs.com.
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    Tez Mercer Photography did our wedding photos.  He's very experienced in the photography industry but is still fairly new to doing weddings.  He did a great job for us and I believe his prices are pretty affordable.  His website is tezmphoto.com.  I would recommend a lot of communication as far as what you want your photos to look like, and have a solid list of photos and a plan for when to have them taken.  I did not have a very solid timeline in place, but he just went with it.  And the photos he captured truly are incredible.  Sorry I don't have any of them posted here, but you can find them on his website.
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