Inexpensive Bouquets for Junior Bridesmaids

We've been asked to add my FI's two half sisters to the bridal party. By the wedding, they'll be a bit too old for flower girls. I think they'll be 9 and 12. I think they should be junior bridesmaids.

I'm really trying to cut back on the flower budget so we can spend that money else where.
What sorts of bouquet options are inexpensive?

I've seen flower girls with those balls that hang on ribbon - are they called kissing balls? I've seen posts where people make those themselves. Is that practical for someone who knows absolutely nothing about how they are constructed?

What other options are inexpensive? I'm having an August wedding in a church. Maybe there is some flower in season that a florist could use to make a small bouquet?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Inexpensive Bouquets for Junior Bridesmaids

  • First off- very rude of someone to ask you to have someone in your wedding.
    2nd- These are children,  while they are too old to be flower girls, they are too young (IMO) to be bridesmaids.  Throwing the title "junior" in there does nothing.  They're either bridesmaids or they're not.  Are they old enough to attend your showers and/or bachelorette?  It would be rude for a bridesmaid to not be invited to the bachelorette party.  
    3rd- Do they understand what being a BM is?  Do they understand what you're doing?

    And now to answer your initial question::  There really aren't "in-season" flowers.  There are a few, but for the most part, most flowers are available year round.  Daisies and mums and carnations are the least expensive.  If you must have these children, give them a bouquet of this mix.  A pomander requires more material and work than a bouquet, and therefore will likely cost more. 
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    Just because you saw it on Four Weddings, doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • You could also let them carry something like a clutch purse, a fan, candles, etc.

    A single statement flower like a perfect red rose or a fluffy peony would also look classy for the young bridesmaids.
  • The kissing balls are actually pretty hard to make with fresh flowers and use a tom of material so not a cheaper option.

    I would just tewhilell your florist to make up something smller and use an nice ribbon trailing down a bit for a more youthful look.   

    another option, if they are sort of fun loving and the ceremony suits it ...Is small ribbon wands... this can be cute and festive too... they might also have some triling ribbon in their hair that mirrors the look. 

    While i agree asking to include is a bit tacky... it will be a lovley way to bring a new family together and mean a lot to the girls to be in it... very sweet memory and jesture... so forget the negative thoughts posted before and just love everybody up as best you can. 

    seriously, girls that age suck this stuff up... let them have their minute of fun!

    happy planning!
  • oh my sorry for the spelling issues!  Can you tell my hands are freeing  oh yeah... note to self... spell check! :(((
  • Depending on your flowers, you could have the florist create a much smaller bouquet, or a corsage instead?  I have done two weddings where the junior maids wore wrist corsages or pin on corsages instead and it looked lovely.  Hope that helps. 
  • My two nieces, ages 11 and 9 were my jr bridesmaids.  They each carried three gerbera daisies.  (my bouquet was made up of roses, peonies and a few gerbera daisies so they matched but were very cheap :)  )
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  • First, adktd2boots, there is nothing wrong with having junior bridesmaids.  Just because you are getting married, doesn't mean you get a bp.  It doesn't mean anything more than you are getting married.

    Although it may be rude for someone to ask to have somone else in the wedding, it's great that you are doing it!  I am having three JBMs in mine.    I am going to buy silk flower arrangements for them and make small bouquets myself.  It will save me a ton of money.  Plus the girls get to keep them and that, in my opinion, will make them happy. 

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