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Train-less Wedding Dress?

I really don't want a train on my dress- I'm already clumsy enough and I'd like to enjoy dancing at my reception- but I'm not seeing them a lot of places. Is this such an odd request? So far I've only seen a few that are ankle or floor length without also having a train and the above or at knee ones seem too casual...

Re: Train-less Wedding Dress?

  • Don't quote me on this, but I believe I've read on here before that (if you get a dress with a simple skirt) you can have the train removed.  I'm assuming that if you find something with a plain skirt (no embellishments, pick-ups, etc.) it would be pretty easy to remove the train and hem the skirt, but you should definitely talk to a seamstress first.  Also, if you're not looking for something overly bridal, check out white prom or BM dresses - there are lots that can pass for simple bridal gowns.
  • I am the same way.  All of the dresses I looked at had trains but I made sure to ask if they could be removed before I tried them on and fell in love with it.  Ask your consultant.  I'd think it wouldn't be an impossible request.   FWIW, my dress is a big ball gown that has no train and it still looks very bridal.  
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  • I'm having my train removed - I want my dress to be the same length all the way around just above my feet. 
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    Um, it is called a bustle.  If you don't want a train during your reception because you are afraid you will trip on your dress, your seamstress can bustle your train so that it is even with the rest of your dress and will not drag on the floor.  I had a very simple two point bustle done to my dress and not once during the night did I trip or have someone step on my train.

    But if you don't want a train at all because you just don't like the look of it, trains can most certainly be removed of shortened, but just ask your dress consultant before trying anything on.

  • If you really don't want a train at all, you can talk to a seamstress about getting it removed, but be aware you might lose some of the detail of the dress.  The shorter the train is to start with, the better.  You can also look at bridesmaids dresses that come in white.  There are some really, really nice ones that can look very bridal, and obviously don't have a train.

    If your concern is only dancing at the reception, no one has a train at the reception.  A seamstress will put in something called a bustle, which is a way of gathering up the train and making it a part of the rest of the dress so it stays off the floor.
  • Most trains can be removed.  If there's a lot of details then it can get pricey.  Although, bustles work pretty well!

    It's funny though, I'm the opposite.  I love trains and most of the dresses I tried on have little or no train (but I'm in Germany, so it may be more common here).  I just put a downpayment on a dress today and already have buyers remorse bc it doesn't have a train!
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    I bought a dress without a train!  I loved being able to move without lugging that thing around :)   Just talk to the salons... there are many dresses that come with the option of train or no train as well, depending on the style of the dress the train can be removed during the alteration process.
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