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LaChoclatier in Chesapeake has lost their minds

So I just spoke to LaChoclatier about a wedding cake consult. We had picked a time to and date for the consult and gone over the general details of the wedding when she mentions that there is a $25 fee for the appointment.

One more time? You want me to pay for the honor of speaking to you? Wow.

Re: LaChoclatier in Chesapeake has lost their minds

  • burnsbabyburnsbaby member
    edited December 2011
    Yeah isn't that CRAZY?! I wasn't even doing to order a "wedding cake" I was going to order a two teir "anniversary cake." They're NUTS! Try Bennett's Corner Bakery on Centerville and Mt Pleasant 
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  • courtnikocourtniko member
    edited December 2011
    Really?!?!  That is crazy!!!  $25 to talk to them, ugh.  And nice to wait to mention it too.
  • luckyme502luckyme502 member
    edited December 2011
    I talked to two different cake people, and they didn't charge me.  That is crazy!  I wonder who are the people paying to talk to them that they think they can do it?
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    I thought my caker baker was a little nutty when I saw how much her cake tasting fees were. I was thinking to myself that cake tastings are usually free, right? Anyway, she does one sample for free, so we asked to taste the one flavor we weren't sure of and we were surprised when we got there. She baked the whole top layer of the cake in that flavor. I was pleasantly surprised and didn't want to run away from her prices after that. Some wedding vendors are out of their minds though. I feel like they like to prey on brides, grooms, families,etc because it is such a sensitive and wonderful time.
  • edited December 2011
    Lia, sorry for deleting that, but vendors are not allowed to post on these boards. If you have a statement you would like to make about the refundable deposit, please contact the moderators at [email protected] and see if they will post on the store's behalf.
  • mlouphilmlouphil member
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    edited December 2011
    I've hired LaChoclatier in Chesapeake for my June wedding and was concerned with the $25 consultation fee too. If you decide not to go with them after the consult, YOU ARE REFUNDED!! If you do choose to go with them, the $25 is put towards the total cost of your cake. All of the cakes, frostings and fillings were AWESOME! They're definitely worth meeting with.
    Oh and P.S. I had Bennet's Corner Bakery do my college graduation cake a few years ago...not only did they write the wrong name on it...they flat out lied to my mom about it when she went to pick it up & said it was someone else's cake. Really?...with the exact same design I DREW for them?! Not likely. And it tasted OK...nothing out of this world.
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    Go with Patti Cakes! She is amazing!
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