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FMIL vent. Another one. Advice please.

FI's 4-year-old niece was staying with FMIL this weekend. We happened to spend a lot of money on an Easter egg hunt and Easter basket for her that she would be hunting for this weekend (since we won't see her on Easter), which we were hiding in FMIL's old closet which is now a construction site for a new bathroom. We thought this was a decent hiding place. Who would let a four-year-old into a construction site?

Well. Tonight. FMIL showed her the eggs. And let her open two of them. 

I was livid. There was lots of wine involved. FI was furious as well. She had the audacity to say that we shouldn't get upset.

Anyways, the eggs were all apart of an elaborate visit from the Easter bunny. If she knows the eggs are from us,  the plan kind of falls apart. Is there any way to salvage this? 

I suggested buying empty eggs from the dollar store, replacing those with the ones she saw in the closet, blatently pointing out the new ones in the closet, and then the old eggs magically appearing in the backyard.

Ideas? I'm so mad that I'm ready to throw all the stuff out. 
PS sorry for the super long post 
Updated 8/9!

Re: FMIL vent. Another one. Advice please.

  • Wow that is so bitchy of her to do!! I'm SO sorry I don't have any advice to help u salvage your plan and idea! I'm so sorry she did that to you guys!  Hope you think of something and that it all works out for you!

    Good Luck!!
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  • Did she only see the eggs and not the basket?  Maybe you could say the eggs are from you- or some of them- and then act surprised to find the basket from the Easter bunny?  Or maybe get a small toy or something to replace them?  I don't know- this one's tough!  Sorry your FMIL can't just leave your plans alone.  You should ask HER what you should do since she's the one who messed things up!  Haha, maybe not.

    Anyway, I'm sure this 4-year-old niece doesn't really care WHO got the eggs.  I work with children ages 5 months to 5 years and honestly, I think she'll just be happy to have a fun activity to do and nice presents.  I don't think it will matter too much if the basket was from you or from the Easter bunny.  The Easter bunny will still bring a basket to her parents' house, so maybe it doesn't matter that he didn't bring one to her house, too.  Maybe it will resolve itself if you see it that way.
  • I just re-read your post and think I misunderstood.  Will there actually BE a visit from the Easter bunny, or were you just going to tell her stuff was from the Easter bunny?  If there's actually an Easter bunny visiting, ignore my second paragraph in my original post haha.
  • Jacqui - there was an elaborate plan for hints of an Easter bunny (it was going to "pee" in the toilet, there were footprints, a trail, stuff like that) that included 4-5 friends and family members helping.

    I teach first grade so I know she won't care either way - the thing is, her mother is "trying" to raise her "Christian" but there's no real hints of that. Every place I can insert religion, I try to. The whole plan is like defunct if she knows its from me.

    Also, she lives a really hard life. I think she needs more "magic" in her life (again, I'm a teaching student with lots of experience, currently teaching in first grade, so I kinda know). I thought this would be a great way to keep her innocent and yknow a "believer" for a while longer.

    IDK I'm still so upset.
    Updated 8/9!
  • Awww that's so sweet of you and so horrible that she did that. My parents were BIG on creating magic during holidays for us. Just some ideas:

    My mom always wrote a letter from the easter bunny & left it on our bedroom door. Then there would be trails of candy and paper paw prints to lead us toward the egg hunt. Some eggs had candy, others had pennies and nickles to put in our piggy banks. I think she even laid out half eaten carrots that the easter bunny had nibbled on? LOL. 

    Your niece is still young, so hopefully it won't take too much to get her to fall back into the magic : )
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