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martial arts/kickboxing?

anyone do this? i took karate when i was way younger (because my mom needed to find an outlet for my energy - wish i could have that back!) and i want to get back into it again. does anyone do karate, or kickboxing, or anything similar? is it rough getting into it when you're not, ahem, 10 years old anymore? :]
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Re: martial arts/kickboxing?

  • I was doing kickboxing at the gym. Its not hard to get into at all. I am very out of shape and my MOH has never stepped a foot into the gym and we went right into it. Of coarse when we go we are sore for the next 2 days after but a good kind of sore. I love it.

  •   I do a workout dvd called Knockout Body. It's a 10 minute workout dvd. It has 5 different workouts. It comes with weighted gloves. It has kickboxing moves in it.
  • Turbo Jam is the Shi**. I LOVE it!
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