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This Forum is Confusing

Does anyone else think this Community forum could be more user friendly?? I'm only writing this in the hopes someone from the Knot reads it and can make changes?  For do I search with IN a forum??  If i go into a local forum and search for something specific under "Current Board" it takes me back to the WHOLE FORUM when I was trying to get specific to my city?  I don't know maybe it's just me.....

Re: This Forum is Confusing

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    No, this is definitely confusing. I've been searching for brides to be for a tv show that I'm producing. I have no idea if the ladies are getting my messages and if they are messaging me back. I had a number for the PR lady that works for theknot, but it's not the right number so there is no way to contact anybody to tell them how confusing this website is. Anyway, may be you are a bride that can help with my project... are you having trouble with your budget? We are trying to find a deserving couple to throw a wedding for... kicker, at the end of April. If you are will ing to push up your date, we will pay for everything. If you aren't interested, may be you know of a couple that is. Please contact me at 323.423.6942 for the details.
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