Hanging flowers from chandeliers...anyone done this?

There are six chandeliers in my reception venue- in the middle two, I am planning on draping garlands of flowers from them- has anyone else done this at their venue?
If so, what kind of flowers were they and do you have any pics?

Re: Hanging flowers from chandeliers...anyone done this?

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    I've seen it done with orchids before and also marigolds (especially in Indian culture). You can google flower garlands images and lots of pics come up.
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    I don't have any pics, as we don't have any chandeliers. However, craft stores that sell silk flowers also sell garlands. Check them out online (Joanns, Michael's, Hobby Lobby) and see what they have available.

    Also, you might want to check with your venue to make they will allow this. Some are quite strict.
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    Thanks, I was thinking orchids...I don't want it to really be a garland around the chandelier, but more like hanging/draping...I'll keep trying google images but I may just get one of those preston bailey books.
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    Hi Sue-n-Kevin, I actually am using real flowers- sorry I think I worded it in my originial post as if I'd be doing it myself. :) I meant how to tell the florist, or to find a picture for my florist...
    I did ask my venue and they said as long as it would not be too heavy they were OK with it...
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