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Nevada-Las Vegas


Did anyone stay at Harrah's?  What were the pros and cons?  I am considering them for a room block.  I will have guests of all ages so something like a decent pool would be nice for the children.  Thanks!

Re: Harrah's?

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    I've stayed at Harrahs a few times. The pros are that the rates are usually cheap and the buffet there is very good!
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    I think Chris&Eva stayed there. Check out her bio
  • case420case420 member
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    We stayed at Harrahs last year and we are going again in 3 weeks. We love it there. When we go for our wedding we are staying where we are getting married otherwise it would be Harrahs again.

    They have the best price for that type of hotel. We just paid $32/night for our upcoming trip.

    It is in the PERFECT location. Right in the middle of our favourite parts of the strip and there is so much going on around you, smaller casinos, bars etc.

    The rooms were great, nothing crazy like penthouse suites on movies but just like an average hotel at home.

    My fiancee LOVES the fact that as soon as you come downstairs on the elevator, you are in the casino.

    Flavors, is by far the BEST buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner were good too but I was raving about the breakfast. There is also a Denny's right next door.

    I am PRO Harrah's! Go for it, you wont regret it.

    Hope this helps!
  • wallacjewallacje member
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    We've stayed there a couple times. I really like it, plus for the location you can't beat the price!! They have an awesome buffet too!!  I like their staff, very friendly.

    Our wedding is at Caesar's and we are considering staying there before our complimentary nights at Caesar's (they're included in our wedding package)

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    i never knew Harrahs had such good deals.  i'll definitely be looking into them next time we go to Vegas.
  • case420case420 member
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    They have decent prices on expedia and on their website, but when we booked this time we actually called them to book and they had an even better rate, so that is the way to book. They only require a deposit, so you don't have to pay for the full room right away.
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    Thanks everyone!

    I just wanted to make sure I picked a place with good deals for my guests.  We're getting married at Mandalay and will be staying there after we get married, but for the days leading up to it and the guests I was looking at Harrah's.
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