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Heart Rate Monitor?

I'm looking into getting one of these, but I have no idea how to work them or where to start researching on good ones. Opinions please!

Re: Heart Rate Monitor?

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    I was recommended a polar by my pt, one with a chest strap - I got a polar f6. Its really easy to program and use. I really like it.
  • Did you get the chest strap? Or was it one that fits on your wrist?
  • The f6 comes with a chest strap to monitor your heart rate, and you wear a watch to see all the stats.
  • I have the polar f7 (very very little difference between the f6and f7) but I love it. I love having the files to all of my past work outs on my wrist which includes work out time, max and min heart rate, and cals burned. On top of that it totals your work outs every week to show how much you burned and how many hours/mins you spent working out. My FI wants one now! I think it's awesome and definitely helps keep my motivation up when I see all the calories I burn... it just makes me want to burn more!
  • I got a sportsline pedometer for christmas.  I think it is along the same line as what you are looking for.  I will probably never program it because I have already spent about 20 minutes and still can't figure it out.  Hope this helps.
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