well...I got so frustrated booking this honeymoon for the last few weeks I gave myself a deadline...of today!  As the FI and I began to research AGAIN...he dropped out in frustration and I resorted to my good ole fashion friend, WINE.  I'd like to proudly admit we have a destination and a booked honeymoon and well...I have a buzz!  Cheers!   St Lucia at the Grande it is and I guess feel free to let me know if you've been...are also planning....AND if you're going to be judgemental on my friend choice for the honeymoon booking excursion, then you may need a glass yourself ;)

Re: Honeymoon......and

  • Never been but I've heard St. Lucia is beautiful and like the Hawaii of the carribbean. I'm sure it will be amazing. :)
  • I'm staying at La Toc.  We went back and forth for weeks about which one to stay at-but decided we liked the "rugged" feel of La Toc- and could stay a few extra nights because it was less expensive :-)
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  • We're going to the Grande in St. Lucia as well! (: Good choice..I heard St. Lucia is amazing from friends who've been there.
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  • We stayed at the St Lucia Grande for our honeymoon in April.  It was amazing.  In my opinion it was the nicest of the Sandals resorts in St. Lucia, with the location and space of the property.  If you want any other information or advice, let me know!
  • What excursions should we take...and is the ride there REALLY that bad?
  • I like your approach to getting things done!

    Of both of the weddings we went to last year the couples went to St. Lucia and loved it. Enjoy!
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  • We were going to do St. Lucia but the 2hr trip from the airport was a deal breaker for us.  We're doing Antigua instead.  Hope you have a great time!
  • The ride wasn't 2 hours, it was between 1 - 1.5 hours.  I know some people flew into, or took a helicopter ride from the main airport to a smaller airport only 20 minutes from the resort also.
  • Yes I think 2 hours is a little extreme and a little extreme to be a "deal breaker"
  • My friend went to that hotel for her honeymoon and loved it!  Her pictures were stunning.  Just use lots of sunscreen!



  • The thing about the ride to the resort is that St Lucia is all mountains and hills, so it is a lot of going up and down some windy roads to get to the other side of the island.  I personnally did not think it was bad. 

    As for excursions, we did a jeep safari that went through different villages and the rain forest to the Pitons and the mud baths and waterfalls.  We really enjoyed that.  You can also do excusrions where you take a boat over to the pitons and mud baths, just a preference on whether you want the boat of the jeep safari.  We also did a sunset boat cruise which went out on a catamaran for two hours with food and drinks and watching the sunset from the boat which was nice.  Other people we met sis ziplining and the rum making tours. 
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    [QUOTE]Yes I think 2 hours is a little extreme and a little extreme to be a "deal breaker"
    Posted by AVBarto[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yeah that's nice.</div><div>
    </div><div>The resort's website says 2 hours.  Maybe it's not.  But we saw that and decided we weren't interested in possibly having a 2 hour commute from airport to Sandals.  If you are, fantastic.  We'll visit another tropical, Caribbean island instead.</div>
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