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Wedding Wednesday

Hey lovelies! Any planning going on lately?

We have still been on a bit of a hiatus as far as planning goes as there's not too many big things left for us. But I did just have four more people added to our guest list. FI's roommate from Space Camp got married and I had forgot to put her on originally, so she's added now. And FI's cousin who is also our officiant just got engaged this weekend. I didn't even know he was dating anyone. Apparently they've only been together a couple months. But she has two kids, so that's four new additions. We wanted to be around 130 for our guest list so now we're at 131 which is totally fine. Our venue actually holds 200, so it's all good. 
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

  • We met with a photographer last night and have 2 more meetings next week.  We are planning on going to our reception venue this weekend to see what it looks like in June.  And the Save the Dates should be arriving today or tomorrow.  It's all starting to come together.  Need to make some appointments to try on dresses soon.

  • We had our meeting with the caterer on Saturday and everything was soooo good! We'll have 4 passed apps and 2 stations during cocktail hour which will be spanikopita, scallops wrapped in bacon, filo cups filled with pulled pork and mini veggie/meat calzone (all passed) a fruit & cheese station and a veggie crudite station with different breads and crackers. We're doing a plated sit down dinner which will be a salad then choice of prime rib, a stuffed chicken with a basil/veggie cream sauce or pasta primavera. Everything was so good and all home made. 

    Other than that FI had a chat last night about what still needs to be paid and what needs to be done and we're thinking we'll meet with some bakers to price out cakes sometime soon. I'm definitely looking forward to that one!
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  • We have our first cake tasting today! I will be putting the deposit down on the florist next week! We are planning to book the officiant next month :)
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  • We booked our limos, and I was able to get the antique Bently that I really wanted in our budget. Just have to figure out how both sets of parents are getting around and getting home after the reception. 

    I typed up almost all the address labels I'll be using for the save the dates, just need a few more addresses.

    Talked to a girl yesterday who works at the florist that is recommended by our venue. She's good friends with my FI's best friend's sister, so she knows FI for a while and said that she will take good care of us and hook us up. So as long as I pick flowers that are in season and not special order (have to kiss the peonies goodbye), she quoted us under our budget and we'll probably save a couple hundred to $1000.

    I had some wedding stuff to do today but I can't focus because I'm worried about my missing kitty and I'm thinking the worst.....
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  • Sounds like we're all getting stuff done!!

    Rmp, I hope you find your kitty!!

    I went to a couple wholesale florists this past weekend, and I'm pretty sure I want the bouquets to contain roses, peonies, and stock in ivory and blush pink. I've also settled on the bouts: one small ivory rosebud with a peacock feather eye behind it, wrapped in blush pink ribbon.

    We also decided on an invitation design last night: http://www.etsy.com/listing/96060936/abigail-art-deco-vintage-wedding . We're going to use this template (only with the colored font in peacock blue), and back them with contrasting cardstock...I'm thinking either peacock or blush pink,  depending on what color cardstock we print them on.

    I also picked up most of the supplies I need to make my birdcage veil. I tried one on a few weeks ago that I liked, but it was $180 and there were some things on it that I would have changed. So after talking it through with my Martha Stewart gone rogue of a mother, I'm just making it myself so that it looks exactly how I want it to look.
  • We are taking our Save the Date photos next Thursday so I met with our photographer (one of my good friends) to go over some ideas!  So excited.

    And also...I'm going dress shopping today!!!  It will be my first time trying on gowns so I am super stoked!  I think my mom might be a little excited too :)
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  • Emily - your invitations are wonderful!! I love them :)

    We haven't done much recently other than talk (and my previously mentioned wedding dress).  We're considering asking a good friend of mine to be our photographer, but it makes me hesitate to not have a "professional".  We're also debating whether or not to have a videographer.

    Somewhat wedding related: my sister (MOH) has been nothing but negative about everything wedding related, which has hurt me a lot as she is my best friend.  I'm hoping she's just in some kind of funk recently and will stop soon, but it currently has me a bit down and discouraged about sharing anything I've planned with her.
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  • We put a deposit down on a photo studio to hold the date and I'm rigorously changing my mind every 2 seconds as to which photographer I like best.. Hopefully I make up my mind soon! We are also heading into the registry trenches tonight at Macy's for their scan for a grand event.. hopefully it won't be as horrible as I think.. at first we didn't even want to do a registry.. and then we were like "ehhh we don't have to use it maybe we'll win".. and now he is talking about how he wants xy and z for the kitchen so who knows lol.. maybe he will at least have fun
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  • We've mostly just been talking about wedding plans. We picked a DJ that we both like and are going to make an appt soon, we finalized his side of the guest list and are still working on mine, and picked out our STDs and invitations
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  • Rnf hope you find your kitty. Emily I'm using peacock feathers too. We're currently in Oregon for Olympic tryouts so we haven't done much. I did go dress shopping with my mom when we were in Colorado so I got to see some different styles on me. We also looked at some save the dates and invitations but that's about it. When i get back home we're gonna go BM dress shopping. Oh and i found a cute dress for my flower girl!
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  • I didn't get anything wedding related done this week. We got a few pictures done at the park, which I shared on FB. That and working on my Pinterest Wedding are as close as I got.
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  • Belle, are you guys out there for the track tryouts??? My fiance is obsessed with the Olympics and with track & field, and he's all set to watch the tryouts this week. Is your fiance trying out? What event?
  • Sounds like everyone is getting some stuff done and in place. I actually just tossed two save the dates in the mail for a couple of FI's Space Camp friends (nerd alert).

    Also, the addictions agency I work for had our summer luncheon today. We had it at our venue, funny enough. The saff was awesome and the food was phenominal! I've only had the catered food from our venue one other time and that was at a bridal show they hosted. So I feel pretty good about choice. I'll be excited to set up our testing for this winter/spring.
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  • I booked a DJ last weekend finally!  He's really awesome and laid back which is exactly what I wanted.  Now I'm trying really hard to find an officiant.  We really only found one we like, and we're meeting with him next month so I hope it works out!  They are so expensive  : (
  • I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my mom and sister today. I found 2 dresses that I really like. I'm taking the rest of my bridesmaids in July so hopefully everyone else likes theses dresses too. I've been looking at invitations a lot lately. I'm planning on getting a template and DIYing the rest. We are trying to find a videographer that is within our budget but it is proving rather difficult. I also figured out what I'm doing for my favors. If I remember I'll post a picture later when I can get to my computer.

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  • I went dress shopping on Monday with my mom. I had the opposite problem this time- I found like 4 dresses I love. I am pretty sure I know which one is the one. The store said I didnt have to order until late August/early September, so I am going to go back then and make a decision, I am trying to lose a little weight, so I am trying to hold off on ordering a dress as long as I can.
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  • I got my Florist booked on Monday and sometime this week I will send the contract and deposit to videographer and that is it for me on all the big stuff.
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