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Well ladies another how time just flies by! 

Since this week has been extra slow, why don't we share some of our special/thankful/memorable whatever you think is worth mentioning moments of 2009! 

I'll start....

-I bought a new car.
-FI proposed that was sooooo special!!!! 
- I finally got the chance to plan a wedding hehehe.
-I discovered the knot and found great people on here =D
-I did a little traveling to El Salvador.
-I'm soooo thankful I still have my job!

I think that's it for me. I must add though I've been so excited for 2010 cux....

 I can't wait to get married!!!!!!!

So I know I welcome 2010 with open arms!!!!


Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

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    Aww glad to hear that great things have come to you this yr xxquemirasxx. I also welcome 2010 bc I  can't wait until next summer to say I DO!

    This year I am thankful for:
    -finishing post-grad school classes
    -getting a promotion at work
    -finding a venue
    -being able to travel to spain
    -my fi's family for fully accepting me into the family
    -my family for finally accepting FI into the family
    -having a wonder FI who is doing a good job in helping plan our wedding.

    Hope everyone has a safe day! See ya next year. Tongue out
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    YAY to 2010!! I hope everyone had a good time last night welcoming the new year!
    I'm thankful for:

    -Having fi support every wish of mine =)
    -Starting to really plan the wedding
    -Still having a job!
    -for my and fi's family being wedding helpful in this tough economy
    -for being healthy
    -for having the most wonderful fi!
    -for finding an apartment for when we get married
    Thank you jesus!!!

    OMG I can now say...."I'm getting married THIS month!!!" ahhh

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    xxquemirasxx--Here Here--too a great year!

    2009 was a difficult journey but good

    -A year full of fun planning

    --I am thankful to have a J-O-B again :)

    --A year full of friends family and fun
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