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Photographer recs in New England area

Hi all!  I have been looking for a reasonably priced yet fantastic photographer in the New England area.  I am getting married in RI and would prefer someone local who is well versed with Indian weddings, but able to add the American fusion twist.  There are several photographers in Mass and CT, but it would be great to get someone in RI who doesn't charge a huge travel fee..Budget is around 3K..

Pandya- Since you are a professional photographers, do you have any recs for anyone in the RI area you may have heard of or worked with?  FYI, I love that we have a groom on the boards- makes thing so interesting!

Thanks everyone!

Re: Photographer recs in New England area

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    I do have somebody I would recommend, but he is a little out of the budget. When you say 3k, do you mean including albums or just the service? I don't know any well experienced photographers that can do a day's coverage, and albums for under $3k, but I will PM you a link. You can give it a shot! Maybe he will negotiate, or if he has your date available, he may work out something with you.

    Oh No, ok the PM function doesn't seem to work well. Please e-mail me!
    info at pandyaphotography.com

    Just note, I don't want to put the photographer's info on here, I don't know if he wants to have his name on this board.

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    Thanks for the email, Reena.

    Please contact my suggested photographer, I have already e-mailed him, he should be expecting your call/e-mail.

    Sorry for the huge e-mail, I just wanted you get a glimpse behind what a photography service consists of!

    Good luck with your search!
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